Telematics Update Webinar: Key Indian Auto Telematics Industry Players Discuss the Customer Mind-set – a Vital Ingredient for Success.

Telematics Update Webinar: Key Indian Auto Telematics Industry Players Discuss the Customer Mind-set – a Vital Ingredient for Success.

In the first ever meeting between two Indian telematics industry heavy-weights, Chandrika Shetty, Volvo, and Sirish Batchu, Mahindra & Mahindra, will speak on Telematics Update’s exclusive webinar about customer education and aftercare.  Addressing this key consideration is vital for the longevity of a telematics product on the market.  Without sufficient education pre-purchase, the customer is unlikely to buy a suitable, scalable solution for their needs.  If the product is not the right one, the customer leaves after a short period of time.  In addition, as India is a nascent market, the telematics industry still has a low knowledge-base: without on-site aftercare many customers will not be able to fully utilize the product they bought. In order to overcome these key challenges, the industry is invited to attend the complimentary webinar. Delegates can register here:

According to Precksha Saksena-Sood, Managing Director, Telematics Update “without on-site aftercare services you cannot sell telematics solutions. This webinar will fully address this issue by placing the customer as the central focus of the telematics business strategy discussion. We will explore live case studies of such strategies already put into action by leading automotive manufacturers”.

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The webinar will be held on February 19th, 3pm (IST).   Spaces are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis.

Key topics to be covered by the webinar include:

• How to angle telematics sales pitches at the right level

• The key role that consulting plays in maintaining a loyal customer base

• The ROI of aftercare and on-site services

Speakers: Sirish Batchu, General Manager, Head – Infotronics Technology, Mahindra & Mahindra and Chandrika Shetty, Head of Telematics India, Volvo.

Further information on key topics to be covered at the webinar:

This webinar is being release in connection with the Telematics India and South Asia 2014 Conference.  To see the Telematics India and South Asia 2014 conference program and speaker line-up, access the website at or contact the Telematics Update team at [email protected]

About Telematics Update:

Telematics Update Conferences are the most prestigious in the industry. We produce the largest telematics events in North America, Europe & Asia, and attract the most influential speakers providing a rich environment for establishing strategic relationships and networking.


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