Telematics Update: India proves to be a high-reward, high-risk telematics market

Telematics Update: India proves to be a high-reward, high-risk telematics market


With the increasing numbers of vehicles on the road in India, traffic is becoming mayhem. There are cars and trucks, cows and goats, taxis and rickshaws. Some are headed in the same direction; others form a dizzying web of eddies and offshoots that lead to accidents, traffic jams, and a general disregard for lane dividers, traffic lights and stop signs. Telematics has the potential to prevent this.


“This is a world, in one respect, primed for telematics. The ability to navigate from point A to B and avoid traffic jams, locate local businesses, save fuel and connect with people should all have high appeal. And yet cultural differences, a sensitivity to price, and an infrastructure in flux present challenges” Andrew Tolve, Editor, Telematics Update.


Location-based products and services in India are growing at a rate faster than most markets around the world. The car market has exhibited steady growth in recent years, with India now producing more than two million passenger vehicles a year. That puts it in the top 10 of largest car producers in the world, and places it fourth for Asian auto exporters.

It is critical for all the telematics players to understand how to capitalise on this and how the government, automakers, wireless carriers, and tier 1 manufacturers visualise business models, technology and strategy developments in this field to design products and timelines in-line with the current trends.         


Telematics Update’s Telematics India and South Asia Conference 2013 will bring together these decision makers, allowing key players in the value chain to gain insights into different strategies and capitalise on this dynamic market.        


Telematics Update’s India and South East Asia Conference will inculde:         


• Expert lead sessions on how India is being affected by the telematics boom and how automakers, tier 1s, hardware and software suppliers can capitalize on this growing market


• Telematics Update’s world renowned collection of speakers includes leading OEMs such as Volvo and Daimler, along with experts from the value chain        


• Meet with 150+ senior execs (including OEMs, Tier 1s, insurers, hardware manufacturers and TSPs) in order to lay the foundations for the necessary partners to make telematics a lucrative success in this region


Conference sessions and speakers are currently being confirmed. The brochure can be downloaded via the website and will include all the latest speaker and session updates:

Telematics Update will be announcing the final agenda and speaker line-up within the next month.


Prelim topics and discussions can be found here: homepage:


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