Telematics Update conference to address container tracking issues

Telematics Update conference to address container tracking issues

Several research studies forecast that the maritime smart container industry will grow 60-fold in the next seven years, from $70 million in 2006 to more than $4 billion by 2012. However, there is still no solution put forward, no standards, and certainly no agreement in sight as to who will foot the bill.

The world shipping council estimates that the equipment services sector will jump from just a few million dollars in 2005 to more than $550 million in 2012. The question is: Who will spend this money and who will get the contracts?

Resolving container security issues involves communication and co-operation between all participants, from shippers at the point of origin to the forwarder at the port of final destination and everyone in between.

Telematics Update is making available as a free download three papers that dissect container tracking dilemmas, and explain simply and clearly:

  • The market need for container tracking
  • The challenges to the solutions and standards currently being debated
  • The likely outcome of the debate and the solutions mix

The three papers released by ABI Research, Unisys and eyefortransport can be downloaded here:

The issues covered in these three papers will also be discussed and debated at Telematics Update’s second Container Tracking & Security conference in Dubai in November, where industry and government experts will address the challenges and technological solutions defining the future of the container trade environment.

The Container Tracking & Security conference will ensure each supply chain member is represented, and will discuss in detail:

  • What technical standard will prevail and how is the business case best made for each type of solution?
  • How are global regulations and initiatives evolving, and how will they influence your mid-term product, service and security response strategy?
  • How do each of the supply chain members – from the shippers to the ports – deal with cargo security and how you can ensure the protocols interoperate?
  • Where to get the results of the latest trial implementation of each of the solutions and security models

The Container Security & Tracking 2007 event will provide a forum for all participants to meet, share ideas, and get a complete and up-to-date picture of developments in the world of container security – the policies, standards and global implementation.

The two-day event takes place in Dubai on November 7th and 8th. Register before September 21st and save €300.

For more information on the conference, go to or email Thomas Hallauer at [email protected]. telephone: +44 207 375 7185 or US toll free 1 800 814 3459 ext 307.

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