Telematics Update: Complimentary Webinar – Attract Developers to the Connected Car

Telematics Update: Complimentary Webinar – Attract Developers to the Connected Car
The free interactive event will be held on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 9:30am PT and is open to the entire connected vehicle community.
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Numbers released today by App Annie estimate that for the second quarter of 2013, the iOS App Store experienced 7.5bn downloads, with the Google Play store outstripping this with 8.25bn. In terms of revenues over the same period the situation is reversed, with Apple generating estimated revenues of $2.1bn and Google around $913m. 
Telematics Update, Project Director, Gareth Ragg stated, “Despite this boom in size and profitability of the wider app market, the question of how to attract the app community to develop for the vehicle remains unsolved.” 
He continued, “For the next generation of vehicle related content and applications to keep pace with and reflect the innovation in the rest of the app market, it is crucial that the automotive industry engages with the developer community. However, for this to happen there is a need to confront the tech. and business hurdles that will enable a value proposition that gets the non-automotive community passionate about developing for the car.”
To get to grips with these key developments in the business of automotive content and applications, Telematics Update has organised a live webinar entitled ‘Attract Developers to the Connected Car’. The 45 minute session includes live Q&A's and will be delivered by key industry figures, including:
Chia-Lin Simmons, VP, Marketing & Content, Harman International, Aha Radio 
Geoff Snyder, Director – Automotive Business Development, Pandora
The debate will cover:
Examine the ambiguity of multiple connectivity technologies for the developer community. Debate whether de facto industry standard collaboration is possible to resolve this issue
With CE platforms such as iOS and Android offering volumes in the billions, look at incentive schemes including revenue sharing, licencing and upfront payments to make the car pay
Decipher how to create a developer support programme that goes beyond offering APIs and SDKs to enable not only established content providers but also start-ups to develop for auto
The webinar is a unique opportunity to hear first-hand how some of the premier thought-leaders in the telematics ecosystem are strategizing to adapt to the new revenue opportunities and challenges presented by the in-vehicle content and applications. 
The webinar can be joined for free at: (Places are limited, so register early). 
About Telematics Update:
Telematics Update Conferences are the most prestigious in the industry. We produce the largest telematics events in North America, Europe & Asia, and attract the most influential speakers providing a rich environment for establishing strategic relationships and networking.
Gareth Ragg
Conference Director | Telematics Update
T: (UStf) 1 800 814 3459 ext 7589 | (Global) +44 (0)20 7375 7589
E: gragg(at)telematicsupdate(dot)com

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