Telematics Update: Cars and Cities with a Sixth Sense

Telematics Update:  Cars and Cities with a Sixth Sense

V2V and V2I are more advanced technologies than versions existing systems that can take control of a car to prevent an accident by applying brakes a driver is too slow to react. The development of these next gen ITS systems is growing fast with support from the European government,  automotive manufacturers, Tier 1 companies, road operators and other investing stakeholders.

These systems will not only offer safer driving experiences, but improve traffic management and mobility. There is even an environmental advantage. Within Europe the transport sector has a high level of CO2 emissions, and these systems will be configured to target avoidable fuel consumption. This has the potential to achieve a cleaner and more energy-efficient mobility of goods and people

Shreya Ganapathy, Project Director, Telematics Update supports plan for the deployment of V2X technology in Europe. She believes that "whilst V2X is not new to the European market, I think we have reached a tipping point. With imminent tech. developments and the number of organisations hoping to grab a share of this revolutionary market, I think there will be a lot to look out for.”

Years of research has brought V2X tech to the forefront of European intelligent transport, but the integration and deployment of this tech remains to be seen. Therefore Telematics Update has just announced its plans for a conference entitled ‘V2X for Safety & Mobility Europe 2013’ (February, Frankfurt, Germany) to discuss the standards for pre-deployment so you can best integrate your services and remain competitive in this evolutionary landscape.

V2X for Safety and Mobility Europe 2013 Conference will bring together decision makers from OEM’s, Government, Suppliers, Tier 1s and road operators allowing key players in the value chain to gain insights into different strategies that are breaking ground in the EU ITS landscape.

After months of independent research into the V2X market in Europe, Telematics Update uncovered the following topics for in- depth discussion at the conference.  The expert speaker line-up including BMW, ETSI, Renault, Denso, Helmond FOT amongst others will discuss:

  • Optimise V2I Architecture to Improve Traffic Management
  • Safety – The Stimulus for V2X Offerings
  • Getting Started: Integrating Vehicles and Road Side Units
  • Current ADAS Systems Converging with V2X
  • Commercial Vehicles First Steps Towards V2X Adoption
  • Bringing Together V2I and V2V and their Differing Business Cases

Other sessions will cover topics such as data Security,smart phone integration, and autonomous driving, with exclusive insights from various field test.

150+ senior-level executives (including OEMs, Tier 1s, chipset manufacturers, road authorities and government amongst other key players) are set to attend the conference and the structured networking sessions to secure crucial partnerships.

The conference brochure, with full agenda and speaker line-up, can be downloaded via the website:




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