Telematics Update: Breaking V2X Ground with Safety Pilots

Telematics Update:  Breaking V2X Ground with Safety Pilots

Due to this high number of fatalities and the cost involved, cooperative ITS systems based on vehicular communication are being seen as the next important steps to accident free driving. 

In the past few years the European Commission along with stakeholders such as automakers, vendors, wireless carriers and local governments and road operators are working in specific FOTs (Field Operational Tests) across Europe to standardize and deploy vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure ( V2I) communication systems.

More ‘nudging’ is needed to secure V2X linkage for safety-related investments, which although ‘less sexy’ would bring even higher benefits across Europe in saving lives, resources and funds. Keith Wyeval, Chairman, ITS UK ( RUC Group)

These road tests will produce empirical data for determining the technologies’ effectiveness at reducing crashes and managing traffic congestion. It will also give us the next necessary steps to prepare for an informed deployment decision of cooperative systems.

Telematics Update’s V2X for Safety and Mobility Europe 2013 Conference will bring together decision makers from OEM’s , the Government, Suppliers, Tier 1s, and  road operators, allowing key players in the value chain to gain insights into different strategies that are breaking ground in the European TS landscape.

After months of independent research into the V2X market in Europe, Telematics Update uncovered the following topics for in- depth discussion at the conference.  The expert speaker line-up including BMW, ETSI, Renault, Denso, Scania, NEC, Cohda, RWS, EC amongst others will discuss:

Optimise V2I Architecture to Improve Traffic Management

·         Safety – The Stimulus for V2X Offerings

·         Getting Started: Integrating Vehicles and Road Side Units

·         Current ADAS Systems Converging with V2X

·         Commercial Vehicles First Steps Towards V2X Adoption

·         Bringing Together V2I and V2V and their Differing Business Cases

And many more sessions on topics data Security,smart phone integration, and autonomous driving, with exclusive insights from various field test.

150+ executives (including OEMs, Tier 1s, chipset manufacturers, road authorities and government amongst other key players) are set to attend the conference and the structured networking sessions to secure crucial partnerships.

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