Telematics solutions – the future role of the mobile operator

Telematics solutions – the future role of the mobile operator

Withhis unique knowledge in the rapidly growing field of telematics, DanMårtensson will share his fresh views on the role of the mobileoperator. The presentation gives an understanding on how mobileoperators will have to adapt to the changing landscape of vehicles andmachines getting connected on a global basis.

"Thetelematics technology is evolving at a tremendous pace, and theindustry needs to keep up. In order to be a part of the profitabletelematics market, the mobile operators must adjust to technologicaldevelopments and new market demands, says Dan Mårtensson, CMO and VPAutomotive Sales, Telenor Connexion."

Theaudience will have the opportunity to learn how mobile operators willmove from standard GPRS rate plans and embedded SIMs to an end-to-endapproach of managing business critical connectivity solutions. Atotally new mindset and offering is required to adapt to variouscustomer business models as well as production and logistics processes.There will also be an opportunity to get expert opinion on newpartnerships and business models that are needed to grow the market.

Thecreation of Telenor Connexion is a proof of the company’s dedicatedbelief in the future of M2M and at the same time acknowledging the factthat managed M2M connectivity is something completely different fromtraditional mobile operator services.

Telenor Connexion will be exhibiting at stand number 5, during the Telematics Munich event.

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