Telematics à Paris Weekly Brief—10.8.2012

Telematics à Paris Weekly Brief—10.8.2012

In this week’s Brief: The Paris Motor Show, Nokia, BMW, Opel, HARMAN, Toyota, Dacia, TomTom, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Sierra Wireless

Telematics took its annual sojourn to the City of Lights this week for the Paris Motor Show, which runs from September 29 to October 14. The show typically proves heavy on the conceptual front, and this year has been no exception: Peugeot, Citroen, BMW, and Nissan are among those OEMs to unveil concept cars at the 2012 show.

But telematics and infotainment have captured headlines as well. Nokia and BMW announced that Nokia’s NAVTEQ Maps will power the next generation BMW navigation system.

Launching on the BMW 7-series, the system will include visual guides such as enhanced 3D city models and BMW’s Eco Pro Route, which generates the most fuel efficient route by selecting routes which reduce fuel consumption by avoiding congestion and steep hills.

NAVTEQ’s relationship with BMW reaches all the way back to BMW’s first navigation system in the early 1990s.“Our goal is to understand and anticipate driver needs and demands and deliver the right products at the right time,” says Bruno Bourguet, senior vice president sales and business development, Nokia Location & Commerce, noting that four out of five in-dash systems in Europe are now powered by Nokia maps.

“We have the content, platform and services available to support BMW as the company continues to innovate.”

Nokia also revealed that it was at work on a parking app, currently in beta, that provides rich and dynamic information about parking availability and allows users to pay on the smartphone for on-street parking.

The company suggests that the app will be market-ready come 2013, with initial rollout in Netherlands, France, the Nordic countries, and Belgium.

Opel debuted it IntelliLink infotainment system on the ADAM, a small car designed for urban environments. IntelliLink integrates content from Android and Apple iOS smartphones and makes it accessible on an in-dash, high-res touch-screen display.

Connectivity is provided via USB or Bluetooth for mass storage devices, including MP3 players, iPod, iPad, etc. Phone calls can be made without dialing: The driver can select a name from the stored directory, touch the call function and project the call through the vehicle speakers.

HARMAN launched the latest version of its Touch & Go multimedia satellite navigation system for the new Toyota Auris range in Europe, which features enhanced navigation features like junction view and tunnel view.

The car also marks the debut of the JBL GreenEdge audio system, which reduces power consumption and heat generation on board, thereby translating into enhanced fuel efficiency or extended range for hybrids.

Dacia, Renault’s low-cost division, unveiled a new infotainment system for its Logan and Sandero brands. The system includes radio, Bluetooth, audio streaming, and in-car navigation.

The navigation comes equipped with maps offering 2D and 3D graphics. Dacia says it plans to sell the system for roughly €450.

Outside of Paris, TomTom officially made the TomTom Navigation app for Android available to download from Google Play. The new app mirrors TomTom's existing navigation app for iPhone.

The latest TomTom maps are included in the Android version and stored offline, which means that users don't have to worry about losing signal in the middle of their journey or roaming charges when travelling abroad.

The app includes free quarterly map updates and is currently available at the introductory rate of €34.99.

PSA Peugeot Citroen selected Sierra Wireless to provide an innovative 3G USB key to power the new Peugeot Connect Apps system. Designed specifically for automotive use, the key incorporates 3G wireless connectivity, GPS positioning and advanced processing capabilities in a compact, plug-and-play form factor.

When the 3G key is plugged into the vehicle, it enables touch-screen access to the Peugeot Connect Apps service and provides drivers with valuable real-time information on traffic conditions, weather, and navigation, as well as information about parking, fuel stations, and restaurants.

“Peugeot Connect Apps is a truly innovative service that illustrates the value of in-vehicle wireless connectivity,” says Didier Dutronc, senior vice president, M2M Embedded Solutions for Sierra Wireless.

“We are excited to play a role in what we really believe is a future of connected cars that provide true value to their drivers, both in terms of safety and in enhancing their lives.”

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