Telematics device that recovers stolen motorcycles and alerts family of a crash


It is claiming a record first half of 2015, with more recoveries than ever, eclipsing 2014 in the process and posting record recoveries and sales every month of the year so far.
Between 1 January and 30 June 2015, Bike Trac recovered twice as many machines as the year before in that period, reflecting the increasing use and adoption of the Bike Trac system.
It has returned 78 motorcycles to their owners in the first six months of 2015, more than doubling the 2014 figure, with thefts now reported daily. Total monetary value of machines recovered by Bike Trac in the first six months reached £642,729.
While London still remains a hotspot for two-wheel theft, 2015 has seen Bike Trac make successful recoveries across the UK, as well as identifying an increase in smaller capacity machines now using the system.
Bike Trac offers a 24/7 web portal where owners can log-in to see the exact whereabouts of their bike, check its battery voltage, review recent journeys and even set their very own Geo Fence.
On top of this Bike Trac also features an eCall-like system called ‘Bike Down’ – this feature for will notify a next of kin by text message should the bike go over a 68-degree lean angle with the ignition switched on.
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