Tele Atlas gets access to TomTom’s speed profiles database

Tele Atlas gets access to TomTom’s speed profiles database

This information will be available to Tele Atlas customers later this year in a uniform, global, low footprint format.

Speed profiles transform the navigation user experience because routes are calculated using real measurements instead of rough estimates. The speed profiles database is derived from almost half a trillion speed measurements that TomTom customers in 25 countries have been sharing with the company over the past two years.

Today this speed profile database already provides highly accurate information about actual average speeds for every five minutes of the day on any day of the week on all of the roads in 23 European countries and 90% of the roads in the US.

To achieve this kind of accuracy, all eighteen million of those kilometres had to be driven and measured on average more than 2,000 times at different times of the day and during different days of the week.

Traditional systems that use standardised estimates to calculate routes based on census data or legal speed limits ignore many issues that influence how people should drive to their destinations, such as traffic light frequencies, school lunch breaks, speed bumps, stop signs and awkward railway crossings.

Tele Atlas CEO Bill Henry points out that speed profiles contain this very specific and important local knowledge, enabling the delivery of unprecedented navigation quality – better routes and more accurate estimated times of arrival.

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