Tele Atlas and Datamap collaborate on Argentina maps

Tele Atlas and Datamap collaborate on Argentina maps

Under the terms of the agreement, Tele Atlas will gain access to Datamap's existing database of more than 200,000 km of navigable roads in Argentina, including map information for three major cities – Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Rosario, and will make it immediately available with additional content such as POIs to its personal navigation, wireless, Internet, automotive and enterprise customers worldwide.

Datamap will continue to monitor the country's road network for changes, providing updates to Tele Atlas on a regular basis.

Tele Atlas has also announced the formation of new regional headquarters in Buenos Aires.

"Argentina is a growing economy that is just starting to adopt personal navigation devices and mobile location-based applications," said Tele Atlas CEO Bill Henry. "Datamap gives us the strongest foundation on which to expand our Latin American offering. Combined with a new regional headquarters, we have an exciting road ahead as the country's drivers and mobile phone users increasingly rely on digital maps."

Tele Atlas currently offers maps covering 75 countries around the world, including fully navigable maps of Brazil and Mexico. Tele Atlas will continue to expand its Latin American offering in the future with map coverage planned to be available in 2009, including Chile and Uruguay.

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