Tech Start-Up Launches “Intelligent” Autonomous Driving System

Tech Start-Up Launches “Intelligent” Autonomous Driving System

A Chinese LiDAR maker is launching what it claims is “the first hardware/software algorithm solution” for mass AV production.

The company claims its RS-IPLS Intelligent Perception LiDAR system is “intelligent” and “revolutionary”. It is apparently based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and has the ability to process data in real time, as well as a ‘gaze’ mode that functions in a similar way to the human eye.

RoboSense says RS-IPLS works by outputting the “highest resolution color point cloud data”. This is apparently achieved through a combination of “2D imagery hardware” and the start-up’s own “RS-LiDAR-Algorithm deep learning sensing algorithms”. The ‘gaze’ mode is initiated by object perception. When an object is recognized, the system then captures it “for ROI processing”. Then, “the LiDAR low-level architecture maintains vigilance, constantly capturing areas of interest, allowing the ‘gaze’ to transfer high-quality feedback”.

RoboSense claims RS-IPLS will be 400 times cheaper than existing LiDAR systems, meaning it can mass-produce AVs “at a low price”.

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