Tech Partnership Promises Next Gen Solid State LiDAR

Tech Partnership Promises Next Gen Solid State LiDAR

Two auto tech specialists are teaming up in a bid to develop what they claim will be the next generation solid state LiDAR for autonomous vehicles.

Sense Photonics, a start-up building flash LiDAR systems, is partnering with Infineon Technologies, a specialist in semiconductors, on solutions for automotive, industrial robotics, environmental monitoring and other applications to be showcased at CES 2019.

The start-up’s core technology claims a simple, high-performance, solid state system that promises high performance with reliability at a cost saving against existing systems being used on autonomous test vehicles. Scott Burroughs, co-founder and CEO of Sense Photonics, said: “For customers pushing the limits in AI and machine learning, the 3D sensor is their view of the world, so point cloud quality and density is essential for exceptional product performance.”

Ritesh Tyagi, head of the Silicon Valley Automotive Innovation Center (SVIC) at Infineon Technologies, added: “We see tremendous promise in their core technology and have been impressed with their strong technical team. Sense Photonics’ solid-state solution, in conjunction with Infineon’s automotive qualified REAL3 Time-of-Flight image products, uniquely addresses the requirements of both ADAS and autonomous vehicle applications.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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