Tech Companies to Use IoT for Scooter-Sharing

Tech Companies to Use IoT for Scooter-Sharing

Two Californian tech companies are pooling their telematics and IoT resources to launch a scooter-sharing service.

Telematics specialists CalAmp and wireless mobility product maker Premier Wireless Solutions (PWS) have announced they are to collaborate on a new service that will use the telematics and IoT tech they collectively produce to offer a shared scooter service aimed at urban consumers needing to make short journeys, or final legs of longer ones. CalAmp will provide the necessary telematics tech for this venture, while PWS will provide the cloud software to which the scooters will be connected. This follows the recent decision by Uber and Lyft to move into the scooter-sharing market.

CalAmp’s hardware will send data to PWS’ cloud, with the aim of providing users of the service with information on which of its scooters are nearby, how much they will cost to hire and how many miles they currently have on the clock. The companies are citing a US National Household Travel Survey that found 35% of its respondents’ vehicle journeys in 2017 were two or fewer miles as evidence of their claim that mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) applications represent the “ideal” solution for journeys of this distance.

PWS CEO Vince Giacomini claimed the partnership’s collation of passenger data would lead to increased awareness “of how to optimize the efficiency and fleet management of MaaS with last-mile vehicles”. CalAmp CEO Michael Burdiek claimed it would help bring about “connected vehicle ecosystems that will facilitate the sharing economy”.


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