Tech Companies Partner for Distracted Driving System

Tech Companies Partner for Distracted Driving System

Two technology companies have joined forces to launch tech they claim can reduce distractions for fleet vehicle drivers.

Motion Intelligence has developed a system that connects VOXX Advanced Solutions’ Evvy app for smartphones and telematics consoles with the latter company’s Audiovox FSD1 mounted windshield device. The FSD1 can purportedly detect any smart mobile devices within the vehicle and automatically lock them while it is in motion.

VOXX Advanced Solutions president Tom Malone claimed the tech could alleviate “distracted driving from the use of handheld devices in fleet vehicles. Fleet managers now have a tool that allows them to control what a driver can access … it does not, however, restrict the driver from accessing apps such as navigation or Bluetooth operation as determined by the fleet manager.

Motion Intelligence CEO Sue Spradley added the project’s primary goal was “to eliminate a driver’s hands-on use of their mobile device … and … enable that driver to use their mobile device safely … we needed to be able to detect any mobile device in a vehicle, then pinpoint exactly where it is … that precise location information allows for a multitude of device management applications which enhance driver and passenger safety”.

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