Telecoms, Sensor Companies Developing Smart City Traffic Tech

Telecoms, Sensor Companies Developing Smart City Traffic Tech

A telecoms hardware giant is partnering with a sensor maker to develop traffic analysis technology for smart cities.

Cisco and Iteris are joining forces to develop edge computing tech combining data feeds from the latter company’s traffic detection cameras with Cisco’s Kinetic software. They say the aim for this tech to enable data on pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists to be collected by smart city planners and then used “to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion”. They plan on demonstrating the tech in Las Vegas this week.

City of Las Vegas IT director Michael Sherwood claimed: “We are constantly working to deploy innovative, multi-modal technologies to better manage the flow of vehicles and people … Iteris’ integration with Cisco’s Connected Roadway solution will produce insights that highlight the advantages video detection and advanced networking can have on a city’s transportation system”. Iteris senior vice-president of roadway sensors Todd Kreter boasted the tech would “ultimately enhance safety and mobility across the nation’s transportation networks”.


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