21st September 2020

Weekly Brief: Amazon Enters the Driverless Tech Ring

Amazon’s self-driving car start-up, Zoox, received a permit from the State of California last week to test driverless vehicles on public roads without a safety driver behind the wheel....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


29th June 2020

Weekly Brief: Amazon Ready to Disrupt the Driverless Industry

Amazon’s purchase of self-driving car specialist Zoox for $1.2Bn last week will ripple across the autonomous car industry. Zoox is a six-year-old start-up based out of Silicon Valley. It...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


18th June 2020

ADAS Revenues Pave the Way to a Driverless Future

While the near-term prospects for Level 4 and above driverless technology seem to be receding, automakers are cashing in on the revenue streams offered by current ADAS technology. That’s...


1st June 2020

Weekly Brief: Space Dreaming Eases Woes of the World

The future of transportation went extraterrestrial last week as SpaceX launched two American astronauts into outer space. The astronauts, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, are the first astronauts to...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


22nd March 2019

Driverless Tech Testers Playing ‘Games’ With People’s Lives

Autonomous technology testers are risking the lives of thousands of members of the public because they trust gamification over military and aerospace simulation systems. That’s the stark warning of...

30th May 2018

Proposed California AV Rules Are Too Strict, Companies Say

In California, new rules to regulate self-driving and autonomous vehicles have drawn the ire of companies including Uber, Waymo and Lyft.