WMG at University of Warwick

18th June 2021

Risks for Insurers in Rush Towards Driverless Tech

Definitions are often important – no more so when it involves safety. This is why there was a call for evidence in August 2020, and a confirmation by the...

By Graham Jarvis


22nd April 2021

Data Storage Trying to Keep Up with a Speeding Car

Development and testing of autonomous vehicle technology is data intensive, requiring solutions for the management and storage and of rapidly expanding volumes of data. The primary reason for this...


2nd April 2021

The CASE for Intuitive Mobility

Daimler predicts that connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) ‘intuitive mobility’ will succeed in turning the automotive industry upside down. It thinks a true revolution is afoot, combining each...

By Graham Jarvis


24th March 2021

F1 Tech behind Triumph’s first BEV Motorcycle

Triumph Motorcycles has turned to F1 expertise from Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) to develop its first all-electric motorcycle. The TE-1 project hopes to set new standards for electric bike...


19th March 2021

AVs Must Protect Their Passengers Last

Traditionally insurance policies focus on the vehicle and its users. Even with fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) they will concentrate on the vehicles. However, liability may rest more with the...

By Graham Jarvis


15th January 2021

ODD Collaboration Needed for AV Safety

The creation of an operational design domain (ODD) will be an essential component to the widespread adoption and deployment of self-driving vehicles. ODDs, a term that defines all conceivable...

1st August 2019

Dielectric Cooling Being Heralded as BEV Breakthrough

A consortium of auto suppliers and academics is claiming a breakthrough in BEV battery pack temperature management. M&I Materials, Ricardo and the WMG, University of Warwick have announced a...


28th November 2018

UK Cite Autonomous Test Facility Up and Running

An advanced new ‘real world’ testing site has been completed for autonomous vehicles and cyber security testing in the UK. Dubbed UK Cite, the project expects to create challenging...