Willis Towers Watson

30th September 2016

Data seen as an essential cost to attract consumers

To alleviate the cost of Big Data one must first ask how it is defined. Therein lies the problem. Most articles and papers on Big Data for connected and...


23rd September 2016

Number crunching on a huge scale could spread UBI

If usage-based insurance (UBI) hasn’t yet become the Next Big Thing, as many of its proponents have been predicting for years, it’s not because it is a bad idea....


9th September 2016

Connected Car Insurance USA 2016: Day Two Blog

Continued from Day One With 49 states now hosting at least 10 insurance programmes enabled by some sort of telematics, according to Willis Towers Watson, the competition among insurers...


17th June 2016

Are fleet managers ready to embrace UBI?

Many fleets use telematics to keep track of their vehicles but that technology is underutilised when buying insurance. Instead of using telematics to get a discount from UBI providers,...


6th June 2016

Catching pre-customer data could be key to UBI success

Although usage-based insurance products are steadily growing in popularity, uptake is still largely restricted to the novice driver market.  So, what strategies might the industry adopt to spread usage-based...


15th April 2016

Second bite of the UBI cherry could be tastiest for smaller Canadian insurers

Increasingly car insurance companies globally are using telematics to offer usage-based insurance (UBI). In the US eight of the ten largest insurers offer UBI solutions according to reports by...