Willis Towers Watson

3rd October 2018

Quality Data Drives Moves Against Motor Insurance Fraud

Metromile, the pay-per-mile auto insurer, had a problem: when customers had claims, their satisfaction plummeted. Looking into it, execs realized that, while 70% to 80% of claims were easily...


1st December 2017

UBI and driver behaviour: what really works?

Data results show driver feedback within UBI programmes do result in reductions in the behaviours used to assess risk yet there remains of plenty of room to grow, not...


16th October 2017

Weekly Brief: Coming to your mailbox soon, self-driving mail trucks

The US Postal Service is looking to reinvent itself and save millions through self-driving tech. Andrew Tolve reports. Snail mail is about to go semi-autonomous: the US Postal Service...


1st September 2017

Video: Consumers say they’re ready for UBI, according to Willis Towers Watson


18th August 2017

UBI insurers face competition if they don’t keep ‘learning’

As the era of the connected customer continues apace the insurance industry faces challenges from a number of different directions.  So, what are the key requirements of future telematics...


10th August 2017

ADAS already proving the UBI case

ADAS features are becoming more commonplace on new vehicles rolling off production lines and while the systems function to help drivers navigate more safely, it’s unclear just how much...


23rd June 2017

Consumers to demand ‘sweetheart’ deals from UBI

The way people shop for insurance is changing at a radical pace with online aggregators now firmly fixed as the new standard, enabling consumers to enjoy a broker-like experience...


16th June 2017

Sharing behaviour information best for insures and consumers

It is widely assumed that the advent of connected cars will be a boon for usage-based insurance (UBI) because it will eliminate many of the issues that have impeded...


12th May 2017

Minimum mandated standards vital for connected cars

With new legislation on the horizon, organisations in the autonomous vehicle and connected car sector are likely to face a range of new obligations in the near future.  So,...


28th April 2017

Insurers face accelerating cyber risks

The auto industry is changing rapidly and with enhanced connectivity comes higher risk to security. Connecting more aftermarket devices to vehicles only adds to this conundrum as security threats...


10th February 2017

How UBI is changing insurance risk calculation

Motor insurance has been in a continual state of flux since telematics and digital technology created usage-based insurance (UBI). Now, with personal transport and the automobile poised at the...


6th January 2017

Choosing the right tech for UBI

Data collection opportunities are now significantly diversified from the early days of usage-based insurance (UBI). There is little doubt that UBI is the future of car insurance but questions...