20th April 2023

Volvo Adds Waze, a Relief to Your Smartphone

Volvo is bowing to consumer demand by installing the popular crowd-sourced navigation app Waze into all of its global products. Probably the biggest bonus for the many regular users...


8th December 2022

Renault First to Embed Waze into its Infotainment Systems

Renault is the first global automaker to embed the crowd-sourcing navigation application Waze into its upcoming model range. The popular smartphone navigation app will be directly integrated into the...


SEAT Unveils Prototype 5G Car
16th November 2018

SEAT Unveils Prototype 5G Car

SEAT is displaying a prototype 5G connected car at an event in Barcelona, Spain. At the Smart City Expo World Congress, the automaker is showcasing a version of the...


17th September 2018

Ford’s Connected Focus Winning Consumer Hearts

Carmakers have long been attempting to find ways to make their products as much as possible interoperable and, even, interchangeable with their consumers’ smartphones. They are doing this with...


6th August 2018

VW Teams with Waze to Rediscover Driving Fun

Just as many are predicting the terminal decline of driving-for-fun, arch disrupter Waze is partnering with Volkswagen’s range of hot-hatch GTIs to bring exciting drive routes to UK consumers,...


18th July 2018

Waze data employed by Lexicon for smart city solutions

UK artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) specialist Lexicon Science has teamed up with crowd-sourcing mapping giant Waze to explore future smart city mobility solutions. It will draw...


16th April 2018

Tesla Can Now Pool Traffic Data for Better Routes

In an effort to crowdsource for customers, Tesla has introduced new navigation software that get help drivers with directions and alert them of traffic and road hazards. It's Elon...


31st July 2017

Weekly Brief: Tesla’s ‘dodgem’ for the masses

The wait is over as an ‘affordable’ Tesla electric car comes to market. Andrew Tolve reports. When Elon Musk founded Tesla 14 years ago, he promised to usher in...


10th April 2017

Weekly Brief: Daimler promises ‘robotaxis’ in four years

The race to get self-driving vehicles on the road now has a clear finish line. Andrew Tolve reports Human history often turns on a single year: the printing press...


20th March 2017

Weekly Brief: Intel takes risky bet on the connected car

With its purchase of Mobileye, Intel proves it will pay anything to ensure a central role in the connected car frenzy. Andrew Tolve reports. Intel staked its claim to the...


13th February 2017

Weekly Brief: Ford to invest $1Bn in self-driving start-up

Ford is pumping a billion bucks into an ARGO AI which doesn’t even have a website yet. What’s its thinking? Andrew Tolve reports. Last month Peter Rander, the former...


14th October 2016

Telematics can lead the dance through Latin America’s congested streets

The streets are clogged. People are stressed, sick and late. Businesses are losing money. Governments’ finances are worn out and they can’t afford investments. Experts unanimously say the solution...