11th February 2020

Autonomy Could Turn the Cabin Into a Marketplace

There has been a huge rise of in-car payments over the past half-decade. It’s now a $230Bn opportunity with 73% of American commuters connecting to the internet in some...


14th January 2020

Top Automakers Facing $16Bn in Climate Fines

Up to 13 carmakers brands are facing a total of $16Bn in fines for missing European CO₂ targets. That’s the assessment of industry analyst PA Consulting whose annual forecast...


13th January 2020

Weekly Brief: US Abandons AV Restraint as Makers Self-Regulate

The United States government would like the self-driving car industry to know something. It’s that it can do whatever it would like, wherever it would like, whenever it would...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


16th December 2019

Weekly Brief: Fledgling Driverless Outfit Butters Up Fleet Market

A shipment of 40,000-lbs of butter was the first self-driving freight cross-country delivery in the United States. Autonomous truck start-up completed the delivery over the Thanksgiving break. The...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


11th November 2019

Cars Need to Be Individual Cyber-Fortresses

Carmakers should make vehicles as individual cyber-fortresses and ditch the idea of trying to secure a whole network. That’s the opinion of Richard Hayton, chief technology officer from connected car security company Trustonic....


6th November 2019

Volvo Trusts to Block Chain for Sustainability Tracking

Volvo is placing its trust in blockchain technology to ensure its batteries use ingredients from sustainable sources. It plans to use the digital system most commonly associated with crypto-currency...


21st October 2019

Polestar Back to Roots as Volvo Tune Shop

Its good to see Polestar is maintaining its role as the tuning shop for the Volvo brand despite being billed as the standalone BEV automaker. That’s because under the...


17th October 2019

Volvo Publishes Powertrain Details of Its First BEV

Volvo has released details of the BEV powertrain for its fully electric version of the Volvo XC40, the first battery-only vehicle in its range. The Volvo XC40 Recharge, a...


3rd October 2019

Volvo Claims 1M Connected Car Milestone

Volvo is claiming to have delivered more than 1M connected vehicles including trucks, buses, and construction equipment. It says customers are reporting data collected through the technology has improved...


30th September 2019

Weekly Brief: Driverless Dreamers Need to Get a Grip on Reality

This is beginning to sound like a broken record. Another carmaker, another tech company, another multi-billion-dollar partnership for self-driving cars. Last week Hyundai announced that it has teamed up...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th September 2019

Volvo to Launch Its First BEV

Volvo has announced the introduction of its first full BEV into its XC40 compact SUV model range next month. While Volvo is the first manufacturer to have electrified its...


11th September 2019

Volvo First to Offer PHEV on Every Model

Volvo has become the first mass-market carmaker to offer a PHEV powertrain option to every model in its range. The launch of its XC40 T5 Twin Engine completes the...