23rd November 2021

Consumer BEV Running Costs Rating Misses Price Tags

A consumer BEV rating standard has been created in the UK claiming to give accurate comparisons between the increasing number of non-ICE powered vehicles in the market. However, the...


9th September 2021

Volvo PHEV Upgrade Challenges BEV City Ratings

Volvo has improved battery packs in its plug-in hybrid powertrain vehicles to the point several European cities could rate them as full BEVs. That’s because the cars now claim...


30th April 2021

Volvo and Daimler Lose Faith in BEV for Long-Haul Trucks

Volvo continues its refocusing on hydrogen fuel cell technology announcing a joint venture with Daimler Trucks to develop long-haul heavy-duty cargo vehicles. In creating the new entity called cellcentric,...


3rd March 2021

Volvo’s First BEV and Online Only Retailed Car

Volvo’s first BEV, outside of its sibling Polestar brand, has been revealed as a coupe-like crossover promising the same driver ride height as its XC40. The car, to be...


6th January 2021

Get Ready for In-Vehicle HMI to get ‘Unreal’

Is the automotive HMI of the future a blank expanse of wood, cloth or plastic? In a concept BMW dubbed “shy tech” in its Vision iNEXT, controls lurk underneath...

By Susan Kuchinskas


5th January 2021

Vehicle Subscription Services Taking hold in India

Car subscription has never been a popular choice for private car buyers in India where many take pride in owning a car as an asset. However, while car subscription...

By Simmi Sinha


10th December 2020

Volvo Opens In-House EV Motor Plant in Sweden

Volvo has announced plans to build its own in-house developed electric motors for powertrains in Sweden. The automaker will assemble the motors at its plant in Skövde leading to...


18th November 2020

Don’t Scare Fleet Drivers with Aggressive Monitoring, Says Zenduit

It is possible that fleet drivers could actively avoid using a vehicle’s autonomous features unless organizations and regulators take into account where the driving is taking place. That’s the...


3rd November 2020

Volvo Plans In-House Electric Motor Production

Volvo has opened its own electric motor research and development facility as part of its strategy to become a 100% electric car manufacturer. The electric motor laboratory in Shanghai,...


26th October 2020

Weekly Brief: Let’s Pray Tesla ‘Full Self-Driving’ not Hope-and-Hit

Tesla released its “Full Self-Driving” software last week, achieving an important, yet controversial milestone for the carmaker and the AV industry. The update makes Autopilot more autonomous than ever...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

5th October 2020

AVs’ Captive Audience Presents Infotainment Challenge

The future of automotive transportation will be defined by two domains: the driving function and the in-car user experience. As the driving function becomes more automated and autonomous, the...


2nd October 2020

Volvo Starts Production of its Own BEVs

While Volvo’s premium EV sub-brand is grabbing all the electrification headlines, the Swedish parent company has begun its own pure electric push. It has announced that production has begun...