26th May 2023

Autonomous Tech Stalled Through Lack of Innovation

Autonomous cars were expected to be the next big thing in mobility but, after endless hype for their potential and broken promises of imminent deployment, we don’t seem to...

By Louis Bedigian


27th April 2023

BEV Owners Seeing Residual Values Nose-Dive, Says Study

A UK study claims battery electric vehicles are depreciating so fast that some lose more than half their value in just three years. The research, commissioned by used car...

24th April 2023

Cupra Launches its First SUV Coupé BEV

Seat’s performance BEV brand, Cupra, has unveiled its first SUV coupé claiming up to 335bhp and a 0-62mph sprint time of under six seconds. The Cupra Tavascan follows on...


28th February 2023

Editor Blog: Reasons to Put ICE Ban on Ice!

Perhaps the biggest surprise about Germany’s call for the European Union to rethink its planned ICE ban for new vehicles is that it has taken so long for the...


9th February 2023

S Korea Fines Three German Carmakers in Dieselgate Row

Three German automakers accused of colluding on curbing emissions technologies for their diesel-powered vehicles have been fined $33.48M by South Korean authorities. The ‘Dieselgate’ issue has seen the nation’s...


1st February 2023

Autotech and Connectivity: A Tale of Two Cities at CES and MWC

This is an exciting time of the year for anyone interested in connectivity and the automotive industry. It is the midpoint between the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las...

By Steve Bell, Chief Analyst, Connectivity at Informa Tech Automotive Group


17th January 2023

Weekly Brief: Europe New Hub for Rare Earth but Not Yet

Swedish mining company LKAB stumbled across a deposit of rare earth elements that could reshape the manufacturing of electric vehicles in Europe and the United States. LKAB discovered the...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


11th January 2023

Volkswagen Global Sales Slump but Surge in BEVs

Volkswagen says its sales of BEV models has increased by nearly a quarter year-on-year clocking up 330,000 units world-wide. The automaker says sales grew by 23.6% while its deliveries...


9th January 2023

Automakers Dominate Debuts at CES 2023

After two years of pandemic interference, the Consumer Electronics Show was back in full force last week with a larger than ever automotive presence. More than 300 auto-related presenters...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


4th January 2023

Volkswagen Debuts Luxury BEV Sedan at CES

Volkswagen unveiled its latest concept hoping to join its BEV family at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in the shape of the ID.7 luxury sedan. While was shown in...


22nd December 2022

Stellantis Completes Acquisition of aiMotive

While big players like Volkswagen and Ford have shied away from continued autonomous driving investment, auto group Stellantis is doubling down on the technology. It has announced that it...


8th December 2022

Volkswagen Gears Up for ‘Affordable’ BEV Production

Volkswagen is investing $482M in its drive to produce ‘affordable’ compact urban BEVs in Europe. Among the biggest hurdles facing all-electric vehicles is the sky-high forecourt price tags of...