6th December 2018

Bosch, Start-Up Push “Multi-Standard” V2X, Snubbing Telcos

Bosch is partnering with a connected vehicle start-up to launch “a multi-standard approach” to vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X). The move runs counter to telcos’ promotion of their own networks, particularly...


27th November 2018

Jaguar Land Rover, Vodafone, Huawei Demonstrate C-V2X

Jaguar Land Rover, Vodafone, and Huawei have demonstrated a cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) system and are claiming it can “significantly improve road safety standards”. They say the system they demonstrated...


20th November 2018

Vodafone Study Claims Consumer Warming to UBI

Study results presented to this week’s Confederation of British Industry (CBI) conference in the UK suggest consumers are starting to warm to telematics services such as UBI. The research...


19th November 2018

BMW, Ericsson & Vodafone Pushing C-V2X Adoption in EU

A group of tech, telecom and auto heavyweights are lobbying the European Union to adopt C-V2X technology in the coming years.


26th September 2018

Ford Developing Accident Warning Tech for CVs

Ford is developing technology that it claims could warn drivers of connected vehicles about accidents on the road ahead. In collaboration with Vodafone, the automaker is testing a system...


29th September 2017

Balancing robust build with flexibility is the challenge for carmakers

The automotive industry is paradoxical. Arguably at the forefront of technological advances when it comes to intelligent systems and prototyping automation, the industry remains hamstrung by traditional production processes...


16th December 2016

Trading data may change the face of UBI

As usage based insurance (UBI) continues to take root in the automotive insurance market, the launch of a telematics data exchange by risk assessment and data analytics services company...


23rd September 2016

Number crunching on a huge scale could spread UBI

If usage-based insurance (UBI) hasn’t yet become the Next Big Thing, as many of its proponents have been predicting for years, it’s not because it is a bad idea....


15th September 2016

Driverless tech can’t rely on video games

Autonomous and ADAS-enhanced cars are now a reality on our roads. Atelier.net predicts that most cars will have some kind of automated features, reducing the driver to a co-pilot...


17th August 2016

Insurers ignore multi-source data sets for UBI at their peril

As the connected car ecosystem continues to evolve, more sources of data are becoming widely available creating an exponentially more complex landscape for insurers to navigate. According to Vodafone’s...


5th August 2016

Tough tech a must for connected cars

Digital technology has to prove it is every bit as robust as any other automotive product if the connected car has a long term future. That’s the opinion of...


1st October 2015

Connectivity will add many new dimensions to the car’s future

As more and more industries attempt to nudge our “things” into a technologically interconnected ecosystem, the excitement around the IoT continues to gather momentum, and fast. Hype about the...