9th March 2022

Ford Extends UBI Consumer Options to Europe

Ford of Europe has agreed a UBI telematics service deal with data analytics provider Verisk. The automaker will receive standardized, insurance-ready telematics data from its connected vehicles in some...


28th July 2017

Ford believes carmakers will map better than Google

Self-driving vehicles sound like a dream come true but the realities may prove to be more difficult than people realise because, even in the early stages, they require a...


30th June 2017

Time to trust the robot’s judgement?

A driver’s ego is a fragile thing and understanding how UBI can affect it is one of the biggest challenges providers face in their bid to widen the technology’s...


17th February 2017

Data exchanges will benefit users and providers

The development of data exchanges is seen as an essential aspect of getting telematics based insurance products making financial sense for providers. With this in mind, TU-Automotive sought the...


15th April 2016

Second bite of the UBI cherry could be tastiest for smaller Canadian insurers

Increasingly car insurance companies globally are using telematics to offer usage-based insurance (UBI). In the US eight of the ten largest insurers offer UBI solutions according to reports by...


19th February 2016

Cutting in the middleman for data handling

While the promise of usage-based insurance (UBI) is great, penetration in the United States is not so great. At Insurance Telematics USA 2015 conference in Chicago, David Lukens, director...


27th November 2015

Video: GM wants to put users in control of UBI data