9th January 2019

AV Tech Viewed with More Skepticism, Deloitte Study Finds

Despite major announcements at CES this week, a Deloitte study show a grow skepticism of AV technology in several major markets around the globe.


12th December 2018

US Will Lead in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications – Study

The Juniper report projects the US will become the leading market for V2V deployments as the rollout of enabling 5G networks grows.


5th October 2018

Feds’ New AV Policy Paper Continues Voluntary Approach

The Trump Administration is sticking with its light-touch approach to regulating autonomous vehicles.


24th September 2018

AV START Fueling Fight Over How Much Power to Give Washington

The AV START Act could open the doors to widespread testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads. Proponents want to get the bill though the Senate, but some worry...


30th July 2018

ADAS Features Still Leave Consumers Nervous

A Strategy Analytics report finds consumers are still wary about driver assistance systems that could help them park their cars.


9th July 2018

Baidu Churns Out Driverless Buses in China, Looks to Japan

China's Baidu is looking to expand its self-driving Apolong bus line both domestically, as well as overseas, with Japan as the next market for the company's autonomous technology.


6th July 2018

Ford Study Indicates ACC Minimizes Traffic Jams

Technologies such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) have the potential to minimize phantom traffic jams, as a large-scale demo from Ford indicates.


2nd July 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Growth Propelled by US, China, Report Finds

A report from research firm Juniper finds societal changes, the growth of digital infrastructure and driver safety concerns are propelling the autonomous vehicle market forward, with the US and...


23rd May 2018

AAA Survey: AV Accidents Put Americans on Edge

Crashes involving Waymo and Uber self-driving vehicles – though caused by humans, not the cars themselves – have fueled fears about autonomous vehicles and technology, according to a new...


16th May 2018

Nissan Expands ProPilot ADAS Platform to More Vehicles

Nissan's ProPilot ADAS platform helps keep drivers in their lane and maintain safe distances from other vehicles in various traffic scenarios. The company is now expanding the program to...


16th May 2018

Audi Puts the Brakes on Traffic Jam Pilot in US

Audi's Traffic Jam Pilot offers Level 3 autonomy but the company is reportedly not going to offer the technology in the US.


15th May 2018

Gallop: Americans Not Sold on Self-Driving Cars’ Benefits

A Gallup poll of 1,500 US residents found that while Americans are wedded to their cars, they're not yet ready to give up control behind the wheel.