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27th March 2019

In a V2X World Street Furniture Poses Cyber-Security Risks

Cyber-security has become a hot topic following several incidents that proved existing, barely-connected vehicles are not 100% safe. It has amplified the concerns for how automobiles will be protected...

By Louis Bedigian


Ford Report Details Self-Driving Vehicle Safety Standards
17th August 2018

Ford Report Details Self-Driving Vehicle Safety Standards

The 44-page document details Ford’s efforts to ensure safe and reliable development and testing of autonomous vehicle technology. American automaker Ford has released a report outlining its approach to...


26th July 2018

Building automotive security from the inside out

The role of telematics in locking hackers out of vehicles explored by Graham Jarvis. Many cyber-security techniques focus on securing the perimeter of critical computer systems and on recovering...


15th September 2017

USDOT lightens autonomous-vehicles guidelines

US Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao releases a new set of federal autonomous-vehicle guidelines for the industry and state governments to follow in the pursuit of bringing fully...


30th May 2017

Weekly Brief: Nevada places its bets on a collision free state

The ‘casino’ state commits to creating the first V2V network in US. Andrew Tolve reports. The US Department of Transportation's proposed rule mandating vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication would be a...


12th May 2017

Minimum mandated standards vital for connected cars

With new legislation on the horizon, organisations in the autonomous vehicle and connected car sector are likely to face a range of new obligations in the near future.  So,...


23rd January 2017

Weekly Brief: Tesla Autopilot cleared of causing fatal crash

While many thought the EV carmaker would get a public rebuke for its autonomous function, NHTSA gave it a ringing endorsement. Andrew Tolve reports. After a nine-month investigation into...


28th November 2016

Weekly Brief: US regulators want phone ‘Drive Mode’ to end texting deaths

Road deaths caused by drivers fiddling with their phones are on the rise. New federal guidelines look to help. Andrew Tolve reports. The more connected cars become, the more...


7th November 2016

Weekly Brief: Nationwide US EV charging corridors announced

For all their environmental benefits, electric vehicles (EVs) still have one major drawback – they can't go very far. Sure, the top models now can eek out a range...


27th June 2016

Weekly Brief: Smoke-and-mirrors act to turn Tesla into a green energy company

Imagine this: you go to buy a new electric vehicle (EV) and it comes with an optional solar panel for the roof of your home. That's the magical vision...


18th January 2016

Weekly Brief: Obama pledges $4Bn to self-driving cars at Detroit Auto Show

President Obama means business with self-driving cars — to the tune of four billion dollars. Amid all the shiny concept cars at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, despite new flagship...


25th September 2015

Smart cities will need a helping hand to maintain momentum

The smart city revolution is gathering pace, with year-on-year growth of 17% predicted from now until 2019. But there is still plenty to do and many challenges that the...