University of Michigan

22nd September 2021

The State of the Connected Autonomous Nation

Connected, autonomous vehicles traveling down their own designated, uncongested lanes and improving mobility on a smart highway. That is the reality which a joint venture aims to create in...

By Robert Gray

5th July 2021

EV Batteries Improve but Sustainability Lags

Batteries, as a key component of electric mobility, are not just a standard product but rather an integral component of the vehicle architecture. In addition to continuous improvement of...


9th March 2020

Motown Gets Virtual Driverless Mcity

A simulation software specialist has created a virtual digital twin of Michigan driverless test facility, Mcity. The digital twin of the purpose-built facility at the University of Michigan for...


2nd July 2019

Best of the Robo-Cities

As long as the automobile industry has been in existence, it’s needed to use testing facilities. With our determined progress up the levels of autonomy, of course, the requirement...

By Eric Volkman


7th August 2018

Making Tomorrow’s Auto Tech Safe Today

Graham Jarvis assesses the cyber-security risks of emerging autonomous technology. All the major automakers are currently developing autonomous technologies and solutions for their future autonomous vehicles. These technologies introduce...


8th June 2018

BEVs won’t have monopoly on e-mobility

Challenges and opportunities of current and future battery technology for electric vehicles, investigated by Lynn Walford. It’s clear we are on the verge of a great transformation in the...


30th April 2018

Startup ClearMotion Has a Cure for Autonomous Carsickness

What's the biggest challenging facing autonomous vehicles? It might be nauseous passengers. Startup Clearmotion claims it has a cure for future carsickness.


2nd March 2018

Swotting up on autonomous

Fittingly for technology that has required vast amounts of brainpower and research, autonomous driving has established a foothold in academia. This school term, a pair of self-driving shuttle buses...


31st January 2018

PPG & MCity Developing Special Coatings for Autonomous Vehicles

PPG will use the University of Michigan autonomous vehicle R&D facility to work on new paints that can be seen better by driverless cars.


16th October 2017

Weekly Brief: Coming to your mailbox soon, self-driving mail trucks

The US Postal Service is looking to reinvent itself and save millions through self-driving tech. Andrew Tolve reports. Snail mail is about to go semi-autonomous: the US Postal Service...


30th June 2017

Study defends green credentials of EVs, PHEVs

Claims that electric vehicles won’t help reduce harmful emissions are flawed and, instead, evidence suggests EVs can have a major impact on reducing the pollution traced to vehicles used...


23rd November 2016

Ground broken, plans detailed for autonomous vehicle test track

A new 335-acre autonomous-vehicle proving ground will be open for business here a year from now, says the non-profit AmericanCenterfor Mobility, which held a ceremonial groundbreaking for the facility...