16th November 2020

Weekly Brief: Uber Could be Ditching its AV Dream

Uber could be selling its self-driving car division and appears to have found a potential buyer in rival autonomous vehicle start-up Aurora. The two have been negotiating the terms...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


26th October 2020

Weekly Brief: Let’s Pray Tesla ‘Full Self-Driving’ not Hope-and-Hit

Tesla released its “Full Self-Driving” software last week, achieving an important, yet controversial milestone for the carmaker and the AV industry. The update makes Autopilot more autonomous than ever...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

14th October 2020

Saving MaaS Post Pandemic

Disgust. It’s an instinct embedded in our genes since the Paleolithic Age, designed to keep us healthy by making us instinctively avoid contagion. In the age of this pandemic,...

By Susan Kuchinskas


5th October 2020

Weekly Brief: Pandemic Highlights Need for Driverless

Fatal car crashes on American roads rose at an alarming rate during the first four months of Covid-19, reported the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) last week. After...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


29th September 2020

Driverless Tech’s Ups and Downs Post Virus

The pandemic has hit almost all economic sectors globally but it has had an especially harsh effect on automotive. It has been called the single biggest risk factor facing...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


25th September 2020

VW to Run Uber Pilot in Berlin

Volkswagen is the latest European automaker to take on a vehicle provision project with Uber in a bid to get more of its BEVs on city streets. Following the...


21st September 2020

Weekly Brief: Amazon Enters the Driverless Tech Ring

Amazon’s self-driving car start-up, Zoox, received a permit from the State of California last week to test driverless vehicles on public roads without a safety driver behind the wheel....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


9th September 2020

Alliance Bids to Electrify Uber in Europe

Renault and Nissan are aiming to electrify Uber’s European fleet in a bid to clean up the continent’s urban air quality. Within their Alliance, they have signed a memorandum...


7th September 2020

Weekly Brief: Russian Robots Step into the Global AV Game

First came Google’s Waymo. Next came Baidu’s Apollo. Last week Yandex introduced the latest generation of autonomous vehicle companies powered by search engine giants: the Yandex Self-Driving Group. Yandex...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


3rd September 2020

Enhanced Safety the Way Save MaaS

The global Covid-19 pandemic has left the mobility as a service (MaaS) industry in a precarious position. Many safety-conscious consumers have shunned ride-sharing services, while government imposed travel lockdowns...


24th August 2020

Weekly Brief: UK Hands-Free Regulation Could Reshape AV Industry

Self-driving cars may, effectively, be legal on UK roads as soon as next year, the UK government announced last week. The UK Department of Transport has opened a consultation...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


10th August 2020

Weekly Brief: Levandowski – Once Upon Today in America

Former Waymo and Uber self-driving car-whiz kid, Anthony Levandowski was sentenced last week to 18 months in federal prison for stealing trade secrets. Levandowski will also pay a $95,000...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve