29th June 2020

Weekly Brief: Amazon Ready to Disrupt the Driverless Industry

Amazon’s purchase of self-driving car specialist Zoox for $1.2Bn last week will ripple across the autonomous car industry. Zoox is a six-year-old start-up based out of Silicon Valley. It...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


26th June 2020

Volvo Joins Waymo in Robo-Taxi Mission

Volvo has decided to partner with driverless mobility specialist Waymo in a bid to advance its own autonomous ambitions. The Swedish automaker, including its affiliates Polestar and Lynk &...


12th June 2020

Uber’s Motorcycle Ride-Share Eyes Turn to Africa

African electric motorcycle manufacturers have become excited over potential new investment following Uber’s expansion of its digital wallet along with an expression of interest in the continent’s burgeoning bike...


8th June 2020

Weekly Brief: Driverless Cars Won’t Reach Vision Zero, Say Insurers

Self-driving cars took a tough lap through the media last week. That’s thanks to a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which found that self-driving cars...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


26th May 2020

Weekly Brief: Mobility Companies Suffer as Digital Giants Look On

Rental car goliath Hertz filed for bankruptcy last week, laying blame on a “frozen” rental car market that has left its core business in tatters. Hertz plans to restructure...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


20th May 2020

Post-Virus Opportunities for Mobility Providers

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many disastrous effects on the automotive industry with forced carmakers closing plants, public transport laying idle and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft seeing...


5th May 2020

Automakers Agree Driverless Tech Definitions

Despite a recent retreat from driverless technology, automakers have at least agreed some definitions around what constitutes an autonomous vehicle. With the twin pressures of the enduringly high cost...


4th May 2020

Facing Up the Driverless Car Barriers

Over the next decade connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) are expected to generate millions of dollars for the global economy. At least, that’s what’s currently predicted by many people...

By Graham Jarvis


27th April 2020

Weekly Brief: Coronavirus Could Turn Uber Users into Car Owners

The COVID-19 crisis could attract new car owners and be a boon for the automotive industry. That’s according to a new global survey published by Capgemini Research Institute last...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


1st April 2020

2G, Not 5G, Best Bet to Accelerate Driverless Tech

Making our existing cars more ‘clever’ could be a better way of getting autonomous cars safely on our streets rather than relying on 5G connectivity. That’s the view of...


21st February 2020

Montreal eScooter Trial Exposes Micro-Mobility Flaw

I will not be the only urban dweller celebrating Montreal’s scrapping of its e-scooter trial citing an “80% delinquency rate” among users. It follows a city-wide outcry over scooters...


11th February 2020

Another Ride-Hail Shark Smells Uber’s London Blood

Smelling blood-in-the-water, app-driven ride-hailing company Ola is launching its service in the UK capital as Uber flounders under the threat of losing its licence. Despite Uber still plying its...