11th July 2022

Weekly Brief: Volkswagen’s Battery Strategy to EV Supremacy

To vie for electric vehicle supremacy, carmakers need battery power. The more high-quality batteries they can make for the least amount of money at the greatest rate of efficiency,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


28th September 2018

Tesla Board Backs Musk as SEC Files Suit Over Privatization Tweet

Tesla's CEO has the backing of his board, but Elon Musk’s troubles with the SEC are just beginning, all thanks to social media.


19th September 2018

Tesla Faces DoJ Investigation Following Elon Musk’s Funding Tweet

Tesla's self-inflicted woes continue to climb, with the US Justice Department now reportedly investigating the company following tweets from CEO Elon Musk regarding funding.


23rd March 2018

Proven driverless tech is a billion miles away, says Hyundai

There are several doomsday theorists who are afraid of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to overthrow the planet but cars will have to learn to drive themselves before...


22nd January 2018

Driverless cars create data crunch

Driverless cars, as well as the advanced driver-assistance systems preceding their rollout, promise new levels of transportation freedom and safety but experts warn they also could create a crippling...


8th September 2016

Connected Car Insurance USA 2016: Day One Blog

In the first day of the conference, Chicago lived up to its name as the Windy City – appropriate given the winds of change that are blowing harder at...


Telematics and the socially networked car
10th March 2011

Telematics and the socially networked car

Virgin Blue Airlines and its three-year old New Zealand subsidiary Pacific Blue have shared plans for a new domestic airline for New Zealand.


Trimble launches monitoring system for fleet managers, as EU officials worry over Galileo satellite funding
4th November 2010

Trimble launches monitoring system for fleet managers, as EU officials worry over Galileo satellite funding's India SpecialOver the last 12 months or so, questions have been raised about the viability of numerous online travel companies in India. Amidst all the debate about profitability...