Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)

25th November 2020

Clueless Regulators Holding Back CAV Testing, Says TRL

One big challenge facing connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) testers is the number of road authority regulators “who haven’t got a clue”. That’s the view of Camilla Fowler, head of...


12th October 2020

Nissan Joins Project for Urban AV Advancement

Nissan has joined a private-public funded UK pilot to explore autonomous vehicle mobility in city environments. The latest AV research project launched this month is dubbed ServCity and hopes...


7th October 2020

Smart Cities Must Bring Community with Them

Smart cities with autonomous traffic will have to work with all the stakeholders to become a workable reality. That’s the message from the launch of London’s Smart Mobility Living...


18th August 2020

AVs on a Long Road to Consumer Acceptance

Only time will tell when it comes to building confidence in autonomous vehicles despite a recent pilot’s claim that most consumers are happy riding a driverless vehicle. That’s the...


30th April 2020

Safety Campaigners Call for AI Enhanced Voice Controls

Research showing that infotainment touchscreen can reduce driver response time more than being drunk has brought calls for greater use of voice control. Following a study run by the...


18th March 2020

Touchscreen Infotainment Four-Times Worse Than Alcohol

A study measuring the affects of driver distraction suggests using a dashboard touchscreen is up to four times worse than being at the UK’s drink-drive alcohol limit. The research...


24th October 2019

AV London Trial Takes On The ‘Burbs

A consortium running autonomous vehicle trials in London have extended the pilot into the most challenging streets yet – the suburbs. As a born-and-bred city resident, I can attest...


2nd October 2019

AV Consortium Claims London Trials Proves Tech is Ready

A consortium of autonomous specialists have claimed its trials of driverless cars in London proves the technology’s market readiness. The UK’s DRIVEN consortium has completed 30-month government-supported project demonstrating...


15th August 2019

Shifting Driverless Standards Needed in a Changing World

Countries around the world look to maintain advantages in driverless vehicle development. The latest move was the announcement from British firm BSI that it is partnering with Department for...


25th June 2019

Risks Remain to Connected Car Revenue Streams

Connected vehicles are fast becoming in-car companions with everything people expect to enjoy on their smartphones, tablet PCs, smart TVs and on their PCs being made available in their...

By Graham Jarvis


18th June 2019

Design and Testing Keys to Solving Auto Tech Distraction, Says TRL

All in-cabin automotive technology has the capability to dangerously distract the modern motorist. This is the clear finding of the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) whose research into the...


14th June 2019

Voice Assistants Worse Than Drink-Driving, Study Suggests

Using in-car voice activated assistants has been questioned with latest safety research showing hands-free phone operation is as dangerous as driving above legal alcohol limits. A study by the...