19th October 2022

Smartphone’s Affect on Future Infotainment

In 2011, Toyota President Akio Toyoda famously said his company would be producing cars that were smartphones on wheels. Since then, this analogy has been repeated by several auto...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

3rd October 2022

Weekly Brief: Porsche IPO Proves its Premium Allure

General consensus suggests that it’s a terrible time for an IPO, what with a worldwide energy crisis, war in Ukraine, record inflation and soaring interest rates. Yet, Porsche went...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


5th September 2022

Weekly Brief: Hydrogen Blows Back onto the Zero Emission Agenda

BMW is doubling down on the hydrogen car revolution. The carmaker sent its hydrogen-powered iX5 sport utility crossover into limited production last week. It plans to produce about 100...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


19th August 2022

China Drought Threatens Tesla Production

Tesla is among several Western automakers that could see production capabilities in China compromised because of a drought affecting the country’s largest river, the Yangtze. While the river is...


15th August 2022

Weekly Brief: US Energy Bill Hopes to Super-Charge EV Revolution

A landmark, $430Bn climate and energy bill is headed to President Joe Biden’s desk this week. His signature is a formality on what is designed to be a huge...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


1st August 2022

Weekly Brief: BEV Giants’ Tax Boost but Minnows on the Ropes

Democrats in the US Senate agreed to a climate bill that will eliminate the cap on electric vehicle credits, marking a major win for the auto industry. The $369Bn...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


28th July 2022

Japanese Automakers Exploring Replaceable Commercial BEV Batteries

A Japanese automaker consortium is exploring the possibilities of creating replaceable and rechargeable cartridge batteries for future commercial BEVs The move could diffuse much of the resistance among fleet...


20th July 2022

Japanese Automakers’ Association to Explore Clean ICE Potential

Toyota has joined with other Japanese automakers to establish an organization tasked with finding new fuels to allow ICE powertrains to take part in lowering greenhouse gases. It has...


14th July 2022

Designing Automated Systems is All About the Humans

Human-centric design is about looking at what consumers want from smart experiences in terms of how the manufacturers connected emotionally with the things they make, be it cars or...

By Graham Jarvis


24th June 2022

Recall as ‘Wheels Come Off’ Toyota’s First BEV

Toyota is having to recall the early production models of its first BEV owing to faulty wheels that are at risk of falling off the vehicle. The BBC reports...


2nd June 2022

2023 Toyota Corolla Gets Fifth Gen Hybrid System

Toyota’s 12th generation of its long-serving Corolla model will feature its fifth generation of full self-charging hybrid powertrain. The model, first brought to market in 1966, ranks as among...

10th May 2022

Toyota Bets Big on BEV Prospects in India

Toyota is betting on India becoming the next global hot-spot for EV adoption following its $530M investment in the country. That’s the view of GlobalData’ senior automotive consulting analyst,...