16th January 2020

Toyota Eyes-Up EV Air-Taxi Potential

Toyota is looking into EV aviation possibilities that could see it enter the futuristic air-taxi market already explored by Uber, Hyundai and Citroën. It has entered into a collaboration...


15th January 2020

Entry-Level Toyota Supra Unveiled

An entry-level Toyota Supra will be made available this year with a smaller, less powerful turbocharged engine. The car will be powered by a BMW-produced turbocharged 2.0-liter B48B20 inline...


14th January 2020

Toyota Takes ‘Magic’ Mobility Out of Comic Books

Toyota is to bring a wide-ranging mobility service out of its domestic market to trial in other global markets staring with Europe. The Kinto service, a name bizarrely derived...


10th January 2020

Toyota Squeezes 257bhp From GR..rrrr Yaris

Toyota’s rally championship winning Yaris has come to the road boasting a whopping 257bhp for a car that began life as a micro-mini urban shopper. Now world’s away from...


7th January 2020

Toyota Fuel Cell City… Heaven or Hell?

Toyota wants to build a fuel-cell city as it plans a hydrogen energy future in the shadow of the famous Mount Fuji in Japan. Yet, for some, the town, dubbed the Woven City unveiled at the...


21st November 2019

Toyota RAV4 PHEV Available Next Year

Toyota’s RAV4 will be available as a plug-in hybrid next year, the Japanese automaker has said. The car will be able to drive for 37 miles on electric-only power,...


15th November 2019

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid Claims Better Power and Economy

Toyota has unveiled its new Yaris Hybrid claiming more power and better economy from its trusted 1.5-liter hybrid powertrain. The automaker says power is up by 15%, economy improved...


11th November 2019

Lexus First BEV Targets Chinese Market

Lexus says it will unveil its first production-ready BEV in China later this month hoping to tap into the premium end of that market’s government-led burgeoning demand. China has...


30th October 2019

Toyota to Demo Autonomous Mobility Service in Tokyo

Toyota’s research arm will offer rides in a Level 4 autonomous vehicle as part of a demo on Toyota’s vision of shared mobility future. The scheme will be offered...


30th October 2019

Russian AV Developers Start Collaboration With Hyundai

Hyundai’s parts-and-service arm, Hyundai Mobis, is running its own independent self-driving project M.Billy with a plan to launch robo-taxi services in several Russian smart cities by 2020. No doubt,...

By Roma Nazarov


28th October 2019

Weekly Brief: Hyundai and Toyota Spar for Self-Driving Street Credibility

Let’s not overdo it on the Hyundai hype.  Last week the carmaker announced that it plans to launch a free robo-taxi service in Irvine, California, starting November 4, 2019....

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


17th October 2019

Toyota Unveils Production-Ready Ultra Compact City BEV

Toyota looks like joining the race for micro BEV urban transportation with the launch of a new, production-ready, vehicle at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The car, joins others...