1st June 2023

Toyota Boosts Power on Refreshed Yaris Hybrid

Toyota has ramped up the power output of its hybrid powertrain in the refreshed Yaris compact urban car. The updates to Yaris’s full self-charging hybrid electric powertrain sees it...


19th May 2023

Toyota says Not Enough Resources for BEV as Dominant Powertrain

The world cannot rely on battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as the main powertrain option for transportation because there simply are not enough resources available. That’s the view of Toyota...

18th May 2023

Toyota JV Micro BEV Deliver Van Debuts at G7

Toyota has teamed up with two other automakers to debut a micro-sized BEV delivery LCV for its domestic market coinciding the G7 summit in Hiroshima. The vehicle uses a...


17th May 2023

Japanese Motorcycle Brands to Develop Hydrogen ICE Powertrains

The big four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have formed a research group to investigate creating small hydrogen ICE powertrains. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has given approval for...

12th May 2023

More than 2M Customers’ Data Leaked from Toyota Vehicles

Some would say it was only a matter of time before the ‘software defined car’ would suffer the same cyber issues as any other IoT device as Toyota confirms...


21st April 2023

Stellantis Tests e-Fuels on 28 Group ICE Powertrains

Stellantis has underlined its increasingly agnostic approach to its future powertrain strategy by announcing it is already finalizing testing of e-fuels on 28 engine families in the group. The...

7th April 2023

Toyota Takes More Aggressive BEV Stance

Toyota will launch 10 new BEV models on the global market in the next three years, the automaker said ahead of its Good Friday “New Management and Direction Announcement”....


24th March 2023

CATL Claims Battery Materials Breakthrough without Solid-State

Automotive battery giant CATL this year expects to begin mass production of its alternative materials batteries claiming they will perform better and cost less than nickel and cobalt-based ones....


24th March 2023

Toyota Refines Crash Test Analysis for Autonomous Functions

Toyota says it has refined its latest generation crash testing analysis system to model accident scenarios in cars using autonomous driving at Level 3. Its THUMS (Total Human Model...


27th February 2023

BMW Launches Pilot Hydrogen Fleet in Europe

BMW has built nearly 100 hydrogen fuel cell versions of its X5 full-size SUV to run as a pilot for various European target groups including media outlets. After four...


13th February 2023

Toyota Will Not Pivot to Electric-Only Powertrains

Dashing the hopes of many BEV zealots’ over the change of CEO at Toyota, the automaker’s new chief says it will not be making a radical pivot away from...

10th February 2023

Tesla Avoids Dismal Reliability Ranking by Withholding Data, J. D. Power

Fancy automated driving and infotainment technologies in premium cars are punishing the reliability scores in J.D. Power’s latest consumer survey. Reuters reports that Tesla would have finished fifth from...