29th June 2021

Wild and Woolly Driverless Tech Testing in Norway

Oslo kicked off its plans to integrate autonomous vehicles into its network transport network in January 2021 with a year-long autonomous vehicle trial. The city’s transport network is operated...

By Graham Jarvis


12th May 2021

Subaru risks Fall to Earth while Reaching for BEV Sun

Subaru has announced the name for its first global BEV developed in collaboration with Toyota, the Solterra. Derived rather grandiosely from the Latin for sun and earth, the name...


10th May 2021

Weekly Brief: AVs Depend on Evolution not Revolution

General Motors will sell self-driving cars to the general public by 2030, the carmaker’s CEO Mary Barra declared on a quarterly-earnings call last week. Then, she hedged. “Later in the...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


3rd May 2021

Weekly Brief: Another Robo-Taxi Slips Back into the Land of Dreams

Six months after Uber abandoned its self-driving car efforts, rival Lyft is following suit. The ride-hailing company announced last week that it will sell its self-driving car business, Level...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


28th April 2021

Japanese Automakers Take on Telcos in V2V Comms Battle

A group of Japanese automotive giants are taking up the digital cudgels in a bid to grab the initiative in the battle with telecoms companies for dominance in the...


12th April 2021

Weekly Brief: New Hands on Waymo’s Wheel to Decide Driverless Direction

The most consequential self-driving car company on the planet has new leadership to guide it forward. Waymo’s long-standing CEO, John Krafcik, has stepped aside and a pair of co-CEOs...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


26th February 2021

Toyota’s Long-Range Trucking Fuel Cell Ready to Launch

Toyota claims to have succeed in miniaturizing a powerful fuel cell system suitable for long range heavy duty trucks. Its new system is aimed at applications where high output...


22nd February 2021

Weekly Brief: Automakers Running Scared into EV Stampede

It’s a scary time to be a carmaker. I was reminded of that last week when Jaguar Land Rover hitched its future to electric vehicles. The company said that...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


15th February 2021

Weekly Brief: Automakers See US as Ripe for EV Revolution

Toyota is back on the electric vehicle bandwagon. The carmaker plans to debut two EVs in the US this year and bring them to market in 2022, the carmaker...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


5th January 2021

Vehicle Subscription Services Taking hold in India

Car subscription has never been a popular choice for private car buyers in India where many take pride in owning a car as an asset. However, while car subscription...

By Simmi Sinha


15th December 2020

Subaru’s European BEV Poses a Brand Dilemma

Subaru has announced its plans to launch a full BEV for the European market that could sound the death knell for the brand’s individuality. That’s because Subaru has for...


8th December 2020

Toyota Rolls Out Mobility Service Across Europe

Following its success in several European markets, Toyota will roll out its Kinto mobility service across the rest of the continent this spring. Its Kinto Europe service, a joint...