21st September 2020

Cyber-Security Hardware at Risk of Being Ignored

Automotive cyber-security hardware remains a relatively small market and a missing piece in the vehicle protection. According to a forecast by security chip provider Infineon, cyber hacks might cost...

By Roma Nazarov


7th September 2020

Weekly Brief: Russian Robots Step into the Global AV Game

First came Google’s Waymo. Next came Baidu’s Apollo. Last week Yandex introduced the latest generation of autonomous vehicle companies powered by search engine giants: the Yandex Self-Driving Group. Yandex...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


17th August 2020

Weekly Brief: Michigan’s AV-Only Highway is the Right Direction

The state of Michigan plans to build a self-driving car corridor from Detroit to Ann Arbor. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference last week to lay out...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


28th July 2020

Hybrid Still Toyota’s Top Choice for New Yaris

Toyota is staking its hybrid reputation on the latest generation of its top-selling compact urban car, the new Yaris. The car, unveiled to the European media this week, employs...


30th June 2020

Insurers See Virus’s Unexpected Boost for UBI

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and livelihoods globally but one of the most startling and apparent changes has been the rapid decline in vehicular traffic. Insurance industry experts...

By Robert Gray


26th June 2020

AI Still Betting on Perfect Human Machine Marriage

When we read the words “artificial intelligence” (AI) we usually picture robots, machines, and circuit boards, not people. However, some working to develop AI solutions for cars aim to...

By Eric Volkman


22nd May 2020

Building Connected Ecosystems for Branded Revenue Streams

The automotive industry continues its slow trudge towards autonomous technology. Yet, this is the time carmakers are busy considering how best to create and nurture innovative content ecosystems that...

By Andrew Williams


5th May 2020

Automakers Agree Driverless Tech Definitions

Despite a recent retreat from driverless technology, automakers have at least agreed some definitions around what constitutes an autonomous vehicle. With the twin pressures of the enduringly high cost...


4th May 2020

Weekly Brief: Car Production Restarts But Some Projects Won’t Come Back

Add the connected car service, Automatic, to the growing list of Coronavirus casualties in the auto industry. SiriusXM announced last week that it will cancel its service, which made...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


20th April 2020

Weekly Brief: Toyota Behind Repurposing Robo-Taxis as Driverless Delivery Fleet

Self-driving start-up backed by Toyota has transformed its robo-taxi fleet into a driverless grocery delivery service last week. The move came in response to the ongoing lockdown in California...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


30th March 2020

BMW Reveals its Vision of a Hydrogen Future

BMW has revealed its vision of a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain solution for its future products. The BMW i Hydrogen Next concept powertrain generates up to 166bhp while it...


23rd March 2020

Toyota Teams Up to Push Fuel Cell Truck Development

Toyota has teamed up with a specialist truck builder to advance its plans for a market-ready fuel cell heavy goods vehicle. With Hino Motors, the automaker has agreed to...