Toyota Research Institute

10th July 2020

AI Still Betting on Perfect Human Machine Marriage

When we read the words “artificial intelligence” (AI) we usually picture robots, machines, and circuit boards, not people. However, some working to develop AI solutions for cars aim to...

By Eric Volkman


1st April 2020

No Amount of AV Test Miles Predicts Every Scenario

While autonomous driving is expected to save lives being better than human drivers, AVs will probably be held to a higher standard than human-piloted cars. It’s not a technical...

By Susan Kuchinskas


10th March 2020

TomTom Claims Success in Fast AV Map Building

TomTom says it has proof of concept for fast building HD navigation maps required by driverless vehicles. The location technology specialist teamed up with Toyota Research Institute – Advanced...


19th July 2019

Sponsored Q&A With Kevin Bullock Business Development Director, Maxar

Kevin Bullock Maxar business development director Q: Tell us more about Maxar “We’re relatively new to the automotive industry yet we date back to the 1950s. We have a...


2nd July 2019

Best of the Robo-Cities

As long as the automobile industry has been in existence, it’s needed to use testing facilities. With our determined progress up the levels of autonomy, of course, the requirement...

By Eric Volkman


14th August 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Olympics Competition Hopes to Spur Innovation

A competition to develop the best in artificial intelligence (AI), technology for self-driving vehicles is sponsored by the nonprofit Duckietown Foundation. The Duckietown Foundation, a nonprofit organization promoting robotics...


26th June 2018

Toyota Invests in CARLA Open Source AV Simulator Project

The Toyota Research institute had invested a modest $100,000 in CARLA, an open source simulation project that can help in the development of autonomous vehicles.


16th March 2018

Blockchain an anchor or a shackle for carmakers?

Car data, from vehicle performance to driving behaviour to toll booths, could be valuable if not for the thorny questions of who owns the data and who should have...


16th January 2018

Toyota Streamlines Platform 3.0 Autonomous Concept

An 'intelligent minimalism' design concept makes the Toyota AV more aerodynamic.


9th November 2015

Weekly Brief: Toyota creates new company for autonomous tech with $1Bn pledge

In this week’s Brief: Toyota, Toyota Research Institute, Stanford University, MIT, Octo Telematics, Daimler, WirelessCar, Sygic, Parkopedia, Zubie, Verizon, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, DocuSign andVisa. So much...