Toyota Research Institute (TRI)

12th October 2021

Toyota Claims its ML Ends Need of Real-World Autonomous Testing

Toyota is claiming its machine learning algorithms can make real-world testing of autonomous driving technology redundant. Its US technology wing, the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), has presented six research...


18th August 2021

Toyota Puts another Toe in the AI Pond

Toyota is extending its reach into AI capabilities with another acquisition of a specialist in the field. The automaker has announced that its technology subsidiary, Woven Planet Holdings, has...


26th June 2020

AI Still Betting on Perfect Human Machine Marriage

When we read the words “artificial intelligence” (AI) we usually picture robots, machines, and circuit boards, not people. However, some working to develop AI solutions for cars aim to...

By Eric Volkman


30th October 2019

Toyota to Demo Autonomous Mobility Service in Tokyo

Toyota’s research arm will offer rides in a Level 4 autonomous vehicle as part of a demo on Toyota’s vision of shared mobility future. The scheme will be offered...


3rd May 2019

Carmakers Must Hunt For Autonomous Innovators, Says Toyota

Toyota’s US investment arm has created a $100M war-chest in its hunt for innovators to in AI related driverless and robotics technology. The Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Toyota...


18th April 2019

Virtual Driverless Tech Testing Not a Stand-Alone Solution

Digital simulated testing for autonomous vehicles (AV) has been seen as a cheap, risk free, alternative to testing in the real world. Yet, while exponents voice its many advantages,...


Toyota Demoing Test AV at CES
4th January 2019

Toyota Demoing Test AV at CES

Toyota is previewing a test vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which it claims can help enable “full autonomy”. The TRI-P4 has been developed by the Toyota Research...


13th November 2018

Not Such A Long Road To Driverless, Claims Kar-Go

Many automaker experts believe fully autonomously driven vehicles as a feature of every day life on our roads is much further away than that being assumed by their digital...

7th September 2018

FCA Driverless Plan Invests $30M in Historic Test Center

The historic car testing site at Chelsea Proving Grounds in Michigan is where Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) plans to run its autonomous vehicle research. FCA announced it is investing...