The Volkswagen Group

13th March 2019

VW Cutting ECUs From 70 to “3 or 4”

Volkswagen plans to improve its software’s robustness by reducing its cars’ 70 electronic control units “to three or four central on-board computers”. CEO Herbert Diess announced that move at...


23rd January 2019

VW Pumps $10M into Battery Tech Start-Up

Volkswagen is pumping $10M into an American start-up that is trying to boost performance of EV batteries. The German carmaker has made the investment in Forge Nano which is...


16th January 2019

MAN Delivers Porsche’s First Electric Logistics Truck

Porsche’s main factory in Stuttgart is to receive its first electric logistics truck from MAN. The automaker claimed the move represents a significant step in its efforts to electrify...


14th December 2018

VW’s Sustainability Council Predicts Clean Energy Future Strategy

As part of Volkswagen’s on-going mea culpa following the Dieselgate scandal, its first Sustainability Council’s report is predicting a carbon-free powertrain future. The eight-member international panel, including climate change...


2nd March 2018

It’ll be a beauty contest for connectivity, say BMW and SEAT

Carmakers are becoming open to setting up the sort of free-wheeling relationships normally associated with internet dating agencies in a bid to keep their connected car services up-to-date and...


10th November 2017

VW updates infotainment amid US sales hot streak

Volkswagen is updating infotainment systems in US models, with the Golf line-up the latest with better, faster touchscreens. “We went from a 5-in. (13-cm) display for the entry-level radio...


1st September 2016

Carmakers need mandates to help accelerate telematics in Brazil

Brazilians are addicted to smartphones and social media. People from all social backgrounds have access to the latest mobile technology, which creates a challenge to the automotive industry: phones...


23rd November 2015

Weekly Brief: Tesla issues voluntary recall for every Model S on the road

Tesla issued a voluntary recall for every Model S on the planet – and there’s no over-the-air update for this one. A potentially faulty front seat belt connection is...