Thatcham Research

5th September 2023

Toyota Claims Powertrain Breakthrough with Hydrogen Hilux

Toyota claims to have reached a milestone in advancing hydrogen fuel-cell technology with its British built prototype Hilux unveiled in the UK. The ground-breaking pick-up has been developed at...


6th July 2023

Insurer Alarm as BEVs Scrapped After Minor Accidents

UK research into BEV accident write-offs reveals electric cars are being scrapped after just minor accidents because insurance companies can’t get data from vehicle batteries. Thatcham Research’s study, Impact...


7th June 2023

Automakers Still Overplaying Automated Driving Capabilities

Some automakers continue to overstate the capabilities of their autonomous driving features according to Assisted Driving assessments run by Euro NCAP. Thatcham Research, the automotive risk intelligence company and...


13th April 2023

Consumers Warned as Ford is First to Offer Hands-Free Driving in Europe

Ford is claiming to be the first automaker to offer hands-free automated driving on European roads with the introduction of its BlueCruise system but there’s a warning from safety...


2nd December 2022

Toyota-Led UK Consortium Wins Hydrogen Government Funding

A Toyota-led consortium has won UK government funding to accelerate its development of a prototype hydrogen fuel cell-powered version of its Hilux pick-up. Funding for the project based at...


8th April 2022

Limitations of ADAS, V2V and V2X Communications

At the end of 2021, Dan Loop, vice-president and general manager of Automotive Edge Processing at NXP Semiconductors, wrote an article in All About Circuits entitled, Understanding ADAS Limitations...

By Graham Jarvis


25th March 2022

Automakers Shouldering AV Collision Liability not Consumer Free Pass

Carmakers taking responsibility for driverless technology that goes wrong should not be a carte blanche for the consumer’s personal responsibility. That’s the view of automotive safety specialist, Thatcham Research,...


10th March 2022

Absolving Users of Blame in Driverless Cars Could Accelerate Adoption

TU-Automotive’s editor, Paul Myles, reports that “British lawyers are calling for automakers to shoulder unlimited legal responsibility for a driverless vehicle’s actions on the roads.” Subsequently, drivers will become...

By Graham Jarvis


26th January 2022

Carmakers Held Liable for Driverless Car Failings, say Lawyers

British lawyers are calling for automakers to shoulder unlimited legal responsibility for a driverless vehicle’s actions on the roads. The move would redefine the driver as a ‘user-in-charge’ and...


7th January 2022

Consumer Automotive Safety Rating to Enhance CAV Uptake

Thatcham Research and Zenzic are developing a consumer safety rating, which they hope will be adopted by Euro NCAP. The organizations have worked on safety testing for 25 years....

By Graham Jarvis


17th December 2021

Could ICE Have a Greener Future?

Keynote speaker at Automotive Techweek, Frank Abkenar, global engineering director at Ford, spoke about clean and efficient propulsion technology developments. His presentation comes at a time when the conversation...

By Graham Jarvis

26th October 2021

Tesla Forced to Drop Latest Autonomous Update

Tesla’s roller-coaster ride continues with it having to withdraw its latest autonomous driving software update following problems reported by consumers. Hiding behind the fanfare of the automaker sealing a...