14th December 2018

Toyota Invests in Virtual AV Software Dev Parallel Domain

Investment in software development for virtual autonomous vehicle testing continues apace, with Toyota backing startup Parallel Domain.


6th November 2018

Uber Bids to Restart AV Tests in Pittsburgh, but Company Isn’t Rushing

Six months after a fatal crash involving one of its autonomous vehicles, Uber is taking the first steps to restart its program in Pittsburgh.


12th October 2018

Intel & Arizona Partner on Institute for Automated Mobility

The partnership between Intel and Arizona is part of the state's big plan to remain at the forefront of autonomous vehicle development through testing and regulatory efforts.


13th July 2018

Uber Replacing AV Driver Job With Specialist Role

As Uber plans to restart its autonomous vehicle testing in Pittsburgh, the company is replacing some workers and addressing other safety concerns.


12th July 2018

Successful AV Tests Demand Top-Notch Drivers, Startup Says

The co-founder and CEO of startup Embark Trucks believes the success of autonomous vehicles needs more than innovative technology.


24th May 2018

Uber Leaves Arizona to Move AV Testing Closer to Its Engineers

Following the fatal accident involving a self-driving vehicle and a pedestrian in Arizona, Uber is planning to leave the state to move its testing program closer to the company's...


10th May 2018

Ohio Governor Paves Way for Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Ohio joins states across the US in allowing testing of self-driving vehicles on public roads, building on the test programs already in place.


4th May 2018

Toyota Builds Autonomous Vehicle Test Track in Michigan

TRI, the research arm of Toyota, is building a closed-course track in Michigan for the development and testing of autonomous vehicles.


19th April 2018

Nvidia Makes Life a (Simulated) Hell for Self-Driving Systems

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia uses its gaming expertise to simulate highways to hell, full of nightmarish scenarios of inclement weather, bad drivers and tricky intersections, then uses this data plus...


12th March 2018

Self-Driving Lyfts Hit the Track at a California Test Site

Lyft is the latest company to test its self-driving vehicle technology at GoMentum Station in California.


14th October 2016

Law makers need to shift up for driverless, says Renault

Regulators are in the driving seat when it comes to deciding how quickly autonomous vehicles will take control on of our roads. That’s the opinion of Renault’s mobility programme...


Michigan – Where you come to prove-out new technology!
16th October 2009

Michigan – Where you come to prove-out new technology!

Orbitz Worldwide Inc.'s outgoing CEO is leaving with a separation package valued at more than $2 million.