16th May 2022

Weekly Brief: EV Start-Ups Struggle as Established Brands Advance

Lordstown Motors lives to fight another day. The embattled EV start-up cut an 11th hour deal with Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn to purchase its Ohio factory for $230M. The...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th April 2022

Weekly Brief: Tesla Reaps Rewards of Traditional Automaker BEV Ads

Tesla smashed analyst expectations with a record $3.3Bn profit in the first quarter of 2022. The EV maker delivered roughly 310,000 vehicles between January and March, almost twice what...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


20th April 2022

Tesla’s Battery Supplier Starts its Own Swap-Out Service

Tesla’s Chinese battery supplier has opened it’s first battery swap stations in the city of Xiamen, southeast China’s Fujian Province. The stations are run under Contemporary Amperex Technology Company...


19th April 2022

Weekly Brief: Carmakers Lose Interest in Auto Shows but Consumers Don’t

The New York International Auto Show returned from a two-year hiatus last week with a new look geared toward a fully electric future. The show featured a 250,000-square-foot indoor...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


11th April 2022

Weekly Brief: EV’s Hoping for a ‘Model T’ Moment

A hundred years ago Ford revolutionized gasoline powered cars by mass producing the first affordable automobile, the Model T. Now, General Motors and Honda want to do the same...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

7th April 2022

Study Claims Tesla is Falling Behind in Range Race

A back-to-back assessment of BEV potential mileage range has claimed Tesla is falling behind compared to several new-comer battery technologies. In fact, according to a study run by StockApps.com,...

5th April 2022

Polestar Wins 65,000 Car Deal with Hertz

Car rental giant, Hertz, is not putting all its BEV eggs in the Tesla basket having announced a 65,000 vehicle order with Swedish premium automaker Polestar. The deal follows...


22nd March 2022

Tesla Opens First European Gigafactory

Tesla celebrated the long delayed opening of its German Gigafactory by handing over the keys of the plant’s first cars to customers. Reuters reports that its boss, Elon Musk,...


21st March 2022

Weekly Brief: EV Makers Missing a Trick with Oil Price Crisis

The electric vehicle revolution is squandering a golden opportunity. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions and reductions on Russian oil have sent worldwide gas prices skyrocketing. The cost...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


18th March 2022

Vital Cyber-Security Areas Automakers Must Focus On

In January, a teenager in Germany found a vulnerability in third-party software that let him remotely start 25 Teslas in 13 countries, find their locations and determine whether anyone...

By Susan Kuchinskas


14th March 2022

Weekly Brief: Driverless Tech Green Light so long as You Face Forward

Self-driving cars without manual controls are now street legal in America. After 20 years of evolution in the autonomous vehicle space, the US federal government finally passed a rule...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


4th March 2022

Making Sense of the Automotive OTA Business Model

With Apple’s software-based services offering up 70% of its profit margins, the question is whether this over-the-air (OTA) business model will ever work in cars. In comparison car manufacturers...

By Graham Jarvis