13th June 2023

Toyota Claims Solid-State BEV Battery Breakthrough

Toyota claims to have developed commercially viable solid-state batteries that it will roll out into its future model line-up promising longer range, improved performance at a cheaper cost. Reuters...


30th May 2023

Price War Clouds Gather Over BEV Transition

As the leader goes, the runners-up follow. That’s what is happening now in the BEV segment, with said leader, Tesla of course, taking a series of whacks to its...

By Eric Volkman

27th April 2023

BEV Owners Seeing Residual Values Nose-Dive, Says Study

A UK study claims battery electric vehicles are depreciating so fast that some lose more than half their value in just three years. The research, commissioned by used car...

20th April 2023

Automakers Fooling Themselves and Us over Driverless Tech, Expert Says

With electric vehicles approaching a tipping point and monopolizing the news, self-driving cars have been forced into the backseat of public awareness, except when there is bad news. There...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

10th April 2023

Tesla Chooses China for its Second Megapack Factory

Tesla has chosen China as the site for its second ‘Megapack’ battery plant as it seeks to scale-up its energy storage business. The BBC reports that the automaker claims...


24th March 2023

CATL Claims Battery Materials Breakthrough without Solid-State

Automotive battery giant CATL this year expects to begin mass production of its alternative materials batteries claiming they will perform better and cost less than nickel and cobalt-based ones....


21st March 2023

Insurance Challenges to Partial Autonomous Vehicle Safety

A clamp down is underway in the United States. This may be partly due to the accidents that have occurred over recent years involving Tesla vehicles that were driving...

By Graham Jarvis


17th March 2023

Limitations and Benefits of Big Tech Business Models in Automotive

Big Tech is influencing many areas of industry and society today. There is no doubt about it. They include companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet (Google). It’s...

By Graham Jarvis


27th February 2023

Weekly Brief: Tik Tok goes a Time Bomb for Driver Distraction

Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet, famous for turning no-names into viral sensations in 15 seconds flat. Now the app is...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


24th February 2023

NIO Could Enter Battery Build Race, Sources Claim

BEV maker NIO is said to be planning to build its first automotive battery plant to supply cylindrical cells similar to those used by BMW and Tesla. Two sources...


21st February 2023

JLR Shuns Additional UK Hub in Driverless Tech Expansion

Jaguar Land Rover is extending its drive for autonomous driving by opening three more global technology hubs in Europe but none of them in the UK. While the automaker...


21st February 2023

NIO to Near Double Battery Swap Capability

Chinese BEV maker NIO is ramping up its domestic battery swap infrastructure with the pledge to build an extra 1,000 stations by the end of the year. The move...