17th January 2022

Industry Voices: What can Blockchain do for the Automotive Industry?

Opinion piece by Jonas Lundqvist, CEO at Haidrun. Ask people about blockchain and most will associate it with Bitcoin, crypto currencies and data mining. Of course, they are not...


31st December 2021

Tesla Recalls nearly Half a Million Cars

Tesla is to recall 475,000 of its vehicles sold in the US, nearly as many as it delivered to the market for the entirety of 2020. As reported by...


16th December 2021

Paris Taxi Firm Pulls Tesla Fleet after Fatal Crash

A fleet of Tesla Model 3 cars have been suspended for use by the largest ride-hailing company in Paris following a fatal accident. The reports that one person was...


13th December 2021

Weekly Brief: Mercedes-Benz Breaks Through Crucial Hands-Free AV Barrier

Autonomous driving isn’t autonomous driving if you have to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. It’s more like babysitting. Yet, almost every so-called...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


6th December 2021

Weekly Brief: Automotive About to Lose its Grip on Reality?

Cryptocurrency is either a joke or the future of money depending on your perspective. In the automotive industry, only Tesla has dabbled with accepting cryptocurrency for payment of vehicles...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


2nd December 2021

Commercial Fleets Driving EV Take-Up

The invasion has begun; it’s massive, and it promises to be unrelenting. The popularity of EVs is getting to the point where they’re taking over one of the last...

By Eric Volkman


29th November 2021

Weekly Brief: Electric Cars Failed to Electrify LA Auto Show

The first traditional auto show in two years returned to American soil last week. Carmakers, critics, pundits and members of the general public filed into the LA Convention Center...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


24th November 2021

Automakers About to Shake Up the Insurance Industry

Elon Musk recently announced Tesla’s intent to launch a usage-based insurance (UBI) product in Texas. The move came after General Motors and Ford launched their own telematics insurance programs...

By Graham Jarvis


23rd November 2021

Consumer BEV Running Costs Rating Misses Price Tags

A consumer BEV rating standard has been created in the UK claiming to give accurate comparisons between the increasing number of non-ICE powered vehicles in the market. However, the...


22nd November 2021

Weekly Brief: Investors Get Excited about ‘iCar’ Rumors

Apple wants a self-driving car on the road as soon as 2025. Leaks from inside the tech giant’s secretive self-driving car initiative, Project Titan, paint a picture of a...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


15th November 2021

Weekly Brief: Hot-Head BEV Investors Risk Ignoring Legacy Automakers

Electric vehicle start-up Rivian went public last week in the largest IPO of 2021. The company debuted with a share price of $106.75, which rose 22% in its first...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


1st November 2021

Weekly Brief: Sticking to ICE Guns May Shoot Toyota in the Foot

The largest carmaker in the world is finally ready for its first all-electric vehicle. Toyota unveiled the bZ4X last week, an all-electric SUV jointly developed with Subaru. It will...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve