14th February 2019

Driverless Cars Not Safe Enough For Public Roads, Tests Results Suggest

Autonomous technology is not safe for public highways according to a study by a consumer interests body. This comes following reports demanded by the California Department of Motor Vehicles...


4th February 2019

VW Hedges Bets Adding Third Tank to CNG Models

Volkswagen is equipping its Polo TGI and Golf TGI models with a third natural gas tank as it looks to hedge its short-term bets on as many alternative fuel...

By Philip Oakley


16th January 2019

Tesla Is Target & Prize in White Hat Hacker Contest

Hacking into a Tesla Model 3 can earn someone up to $250,000 in a Pwn2Own contest.


11th January 2019

Charged with Controversy: BEV Versus Fuel Cell

The road to clean emission vehicles has some bumps and turns in it with divergent opinions on what is the best course to take. Some of the main roadblocks...

By Lynn Walford


8th January 2019

Nvidia’s Drive AutoPilot System Is for Human-Supervised Self-Driving

At CES this week, Nvidia plans to unveil Drive AutoPilot, which the chip maker claims will bring ADAS to the next level.


7th January 2019

Weekly Brief: This is the Moment of Truth for EVs in America

Remember last year when Tesla, General Motors and Nissan partnered up to lobby for an extension on the $7,500 federal tax credit for new EV purchases? It didn’t work,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

3rd January 2019

Tesla’s Price Cut Hints at Limits to EV Demand

A new SEC filing from Tesla shows that selling electric vehicle technology is more difficult than the marketing hype has indicated.


28th December 2018

Electric Supercars Cater to the Eco-Conscious Ultra-Wealthy

In 2018, many of the world’s top automakers went electric, boasting eye-watering acceleration and wallet-emptying price tags.


19th December 2018

AVs Will Turn Into 150mph Trains Under LA, Claims Musk

Tesla owner Elon Musk is proposing a network of tunnels where autonomous electric cars will morph into individual train carriages capable of speeds of up to 150mph under Los...


19th December 2018

Dyson Could Clean-Up with Niche EVs

UK brand Dyson, long known for its quirky or innovative takes on consumer electronics, is leaping ahead several degrees of product category into the manufacture of battery electric vehicles....

By Eric Volkman


4th December 2018

Tesla Incident Shows the Challenges of Stopping a Driverless Car

A recent incident with a driver asleep at the wheel of his Tesla running on Autopilot shows how dangerous self-driving vehicle can be to others.


19th November 2018

The Disrupters: EVgo Jolting the Charging Network Business

Industry insiders, analysts and consumers agree that the growing proliferation of electric vehicle charging stations will encourage more consumers to buy EVs. The lack of infrastructure remains an oft-cited...

By Robert Gray