Tesla Model 3

21st November 2022

Tesla Rear Light Recall Raises Doubts Over Fatal Crashes

A recall of more than 320,000 vehicles has been order in the US over concerns that rear lights may intermittently fail to shine. The recall, reported by Reuters, may...


16th December 2021

Paris Taxi Firm Pulls Tesla Fleet after Fatal Crash

A fleet of Tesla Model 3 cars have been suspended for use by the largest ride-hailing company in Paris following a fatal accident. The reports that one person was...


14th August 2020

Dreams of ‘Free’ Electric Energy a Long Way Off

Since 2019 the term ‘self-charging hybrid car’ has been touted by most of the top automaker brands. With the future of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), being electric the...

By Graham Jarvis


6th August 2020

Court Fines Driver for Using ‘Distracting’ Tesla Touchscreen

A court has ruled that Tesla’s cabin touchscreen is a distracting electronic device and has fined a driver for using it while on the move. The BBC reports that...


7th February 2020

Fisker Joins BEV March to Europe

Fisker is joining the rush to BEV friendly markets announcing it will be presenting its forthcoming Ocean SUV at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show next month. The move follows...


17th May 2019

Tesla’s Autopilot Fatally Doesn’t See Another Truck

A Tesla Model 3 was on Autopilot when involved in a fatal crash that is almost a carbon copy of the system’s first fatality three years ago. The US...


27th February 2019

Polestar Targets Tesla Model 3 With New ‘Entry Level’ EV

Volvo’s all-electric premium sub-brand Polestar hopes to take on Tesla’s ‘entry-level’ Model 3 with its new Polestar 2. Yet the Swedish carmaker seems to have already hit the wall...