11th July 2018

Feds Won’t Pick Winners With AV Rules, Transportation Chief Says

While the public wants the federal government to regulate autonomous and self-driving vehicles, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao told an audience this week that the Trump administration won't pick...


23rd May 2018

AAA Survey: AV Accidents Put Americans on Edge

Crashes involving Waymo and Uber self-driving vehicles – though caused by humans, not the cars themselves – have fueled fears about autonomous vehicles and technology, according to a new...


26th February 2018

Connected Cars Edging Toward ‘3rd Place’

For years, people had three connected places they could go: Their home, their office and their local coffee shop. Now, however, connected cars are looking to edge out bistros...


15th February 2018

Connected Cars Make Drivers Feel Safer, but More Distracted

An Esurance survey of more than 1,000 US car owners finds that most aren't willing to turn over the wheel to self-driving vehicles right now. The report also notes...