8th October 2018

EVs Need Government Subsidies to Thrive, Says Kia

The sales growth potential of electric vehicles is in the hands of government regulators, not carmakers, because price will trump any eco-conscience that consumers may express. That’s the opinion...


3rd August 2018

Sweden’s Einride Has Robotic Trucks, but the System’s the Thing

Swedish startup Einride is looking to bring trucking to the next level with an all-electric, autonomous vehicle called the T-log.


6th June 2018

Volvo Roadside Assistance Uses Real-Time Info

Volvo's roadside assistance upgrade, called Next Generation Roadside Assistance, provides real-time location information to travelers in need.


1st January 2018

Volvo Scales Back Self-Driving Program

Volvo's Drive Me project will start in Sweden in 2021, four years later than expected.


1st April 2016

Volvo hunt for brand-friendly customers in driverless pilot scheme

Volvo has admitted that while cash paying customers will be using autonomous driving technology equipped Volvo XC90s next year it has yet to decide on all the details of...


4th March 2016

How guesswork could make the connected car smarter

It is a bit of a massive understatement but if you had to sum up all the challenges facing the connected-car industry into a single bullet-point, it might be...


9th July 2015

How the bill for Vision Zero could contain many, many zeroes

Such a simple goal and yet it’s possible that it can only be achieved through a complex and collective effort on the part of policymakers, infrastructure owners, carmakers and...