12th January 2023

Suzuki Unveils First Global BEV Concept in India

While several automakers have decamped from the volatile Indian market, Suzuki is targeting the populous nation with the world premiere of its first BEV. The Japanese carmaker unveiled its...


28th July 2022

Japanese Automakers Exploring Replaceable Commercial BEV Batteries

A Japanese automaker consortium is exploring the possibilities of creating replaceable and rechargeable cartridge batteries for future commercial BEVs The move could diffuse much of the resistance among fleet...


10th May 2022

Toyota Bets Big on BEV Prospects in India

Toyota is betting on India becoming the next global hot-spot for EV adoption following its $530M investment in the country. That’s the view of GlobalData’ senior automotive consulting analyst,...


11th March 2022

Swift Unveils Second Full Hybrid for Europe

Suzuki will introduce its second full self-charging hybrid powered model to the European market in the shape of the new Vitara Hybrid. Following the success if its Swace Hybrid...


28th April 2021

Japanese Automakers Take on Telcos in V2V Comms Battle

A group of Japanese automotive giants are taking up the digital cudgels in a bid to grab the initiative in the battle with telecoms companies for dominance in the...


18th November 2020

Mini Reveals its own Urbanite Driverless Lounge

Mini is the latest automaker to off the rolling lounge concept as its vision of what a driverless future could look like. Following in the tire tracks of the...


11th August 2020

Hybrid Powerboost for Updated Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki has focused on improved power-to-weight statistics for its facelifted self-charging hybrid Ignis compact SUV. The extra power is there to enhance the car’s more rugged, utilitarian styling hinting...


22nd May 2020

Building Connected Ecosystems for Branded Revenue Streams

The automotive industry continues its slow trudge towards autonomous technology. Yet, this is the time carmakers are busy considering how best to create and nurture innovative content ecosystems that...

By Andrew Williams


1st October 2019

Suzuki Debuts PHEV and Autonomous ‘Mobile Room’

Suzuki will unveil a PHEV model of a compact SUV and a lounge-on-wheels autonomous concept at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. The SUV, called the WAKU SPO,...


30th July 2018

Weekly Brief: Ford follows GM’s lead in fishing for investors

GM got rich when it spun off its self-driving unit now Ford wants to do the same. Andrew Tolve comments. Ford seems to be playing follow-my-leader to General Motors...


1st December 2017

Connected bikes cannot compromise ‘freedom’, says Kawasaki

While connectivity services have been slow to catch on in the car industry, it’s been virtually moribund in the field of motorcycle marketing. Yet, in spite of this manufacturers...


17th October 2016

Weekly Brief: Daimler plans to pull the plug on EV charging angst

Research has shown that people greatly dislike manually charging their cars. Some owners live in shared housing estates or apartments where finding a plug is tough. Others are annoyed...