Strategy Analytics

26th May 2017

Driverless tech can’t rely just on connectivity

There is an argument that, to a debateable extent, autonomous vehicles require connectivity. Dr Graeme Smith, CEO of Oxbotica, thinks that self-driving cars must have the capability to operate...


5th May 2017

Back to the future for connected cars?

It almost feels like car technology is going obsolete at an ever-quickening pace. It’s no wonder –  the many advances in assisted and automated driving, not to mention connected...


31st March 2017

Man vs Machine: Is the road big enough for both of us?

Asmore vehicles rise through the levels of autonomy the real concern of the insurance industry lies in the mix of autonomy and manual drivers on the road. In an...


10th March 2017

Winners and losers among connected car technologies

As discussions relating to spectrums and vehicle-based wireless connectivity heat up, organisations around the world continue to investigate the relative merits of potential supporting infrastructure technology.  So, what are...


20th January 2017

Gazing at the crystal balls of connected cars – Part II

Continued from Part I 3. Legislation and regulation Industry players have got their regulation story straight: guidance, not rules. As was seen in the kerfuffle about the California Department...


13th January 2017

Gazing at the crystal ball of connected cars – Part I

2016 was a vibrant, productive and profitable year for companies having anything to do with autonomy and connected vehicles. This report examines the current state of the industry and...


5th January 2017

TU-Automotive’s Consumer Telematics Show: innovation on all fronts

Innovation was the major theme of the Consumer Telematics Conference 2017, held this week in Las Vegas. Autonomous driving itself was positioned as a given: automakers will continue on...


16th December 2016

Trading data may change the face of UBI

As usage based insurance (UBI) continues to take root in the automotive insurance market, the launch of a telematics data exchange by risk assessment and data analytics services company...


11th November 2016

Looking ‘left’ before crossing the technology road

Automotive production in the United States, once the sole domain of ‘blue-collar’ Detroit has a relatively new and progressive player in the game:  the western states, nicknamed “the left...


7th October 2016

Car dealers need to get cyber-savvy

In July, thieves in Houston, Texas, were seen on a security camera using a laptop to steal a Jeep Wrangler. The police think the crooks used dealer tools to...


14th July 2016

Data joining the dots for city parking

Modern cars produce up to 1 gigabyte of data, the equivalent of sending 200,000 plain text emails each second, but up until recently most of this information vanished after...


29th April 2016

Driverless vehicles will continue to dominate auto headlines

Thilo Koslowski, vice-president, analyst and founder of Gartner's Automotive Practice, has placed autonomous vehicles at the peak of the hype cycle. Right now, he says, consumers have inflated expectations....