10th October 2022

Stellantis Moves to Secure Future Battery Ingredients

Stellantis seeks to bolster its future automotive battery supplies with an agreement to access lithium-ion battery ingredients from Australia. The automotive group has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding...


18th August 2022

Car-Sharing’s History of Failed Ambitions

The purchase of the carsharing service Share Now by the carmaker Stellantis, announced in May, put an end to a 14-year mobility saga that had as many twists and...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

18th July 2022

Stellantis to Close Chinese Jeep Production Facilities

Stellantis is closing down its production facilities of its Jeep brand in China to focus on importing the models instead. It cited the “lack of progress in the previously...


13th July 2022

Stellantis Backs Connectivity in Astra Sales

The lowly Vauxhall/Opel Astra is getting TomTom’s latest generation geolocation technology as Stellantis recognizes the power of tech in the modern connected car. It will feature a new generation...


14th June 2022

Stellantis to Create Mobility Forum While Leaving ACEA

Stellantis is hoping to accelerate the debate over future mobility solutions by setting up a special forum of experts to discuss challenges and opportunities. It has announced the creation...


13th June 2022

Stellantis Claims On-The-Go Charging a Reality

Stellantis claims its ‘Scalextric’ on-the-go EV charging project has shown the system is a fully robust and practical solution after months of testing. As TU-Automotive reported in December, the...


30th May 2022

Large LCV Shows Toyota and Stellantis’s Commitment to Last-Mile

Two of the world’s biggest automaker groups have underlined the importance of future urban last mile delivery trucks by teaming up to create a new large capacity LCV. Stellantis...


27th May 2022

Flexible Car-Share Models Look Most Likely to Succeed

Mercedes-Benz Mobility and BMW’s announcement that they plan to sell their car-sharing joint venture Share Now to automaker Stellantis, the parent company of car-sharing business Free2move, offers Stellantis the...


9th May 2022

Weekly Brief: Stellantis Soars as Others Ditch Mobility Opportunities

When Fiat Chrysler Automobiles merged with French automaker PSA in January 2021, pundits wondered if the result would be another dysfunctional three-headed conglomerate like Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. Instead, the newly named...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


6th April 2022

Stellantis Uses Jeep in US 5G Connected Car Trials

Stellantis has taken part in real-world testing of 5G’s potential for connected car communication in the US. It joined the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) live trial of 5G cellular...


4th March 2022

Making Sense of the Automotive OTA Business Model

With Apple’s software-based services offering up 70% of its profit margins, the question is whether this over-the-air (OTA) business model will ever work in cars. In comparison car manufacturers...

By Graham Jarvis


2nd March 2022

Jeep Unveils First BEV Promising Tech Details Later

Stellantis used its forward production strategy presentation to give us the first sight of the Jeep brand’s for BEV vehicle. During the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan presentation, Carlos...