9th April 2021

Ford Backs ‘Thunderbirds’ e-Scooter Recovery Trial

Ford’s e-scooter mobility wing has commissioned a mobile rescue, repair and recharge vehicle inspired by the Thunderbird 2 craft from the famous 1960s animated puppet TV show. The vehicle,...


18th December 2020

AI to Boost Ford’s e-Scooter Safety and Security

Ford’s micro-mobility unit, Spin, will incorporate AI technology into its e-scooter share scheme in a bid to boost rider safety and vehicle security. It has partnered with Drover AI...


24th November 2020

Ford’s Trans-Am Micromobility Fund Unveiled

Ford is launching a Trans-Atlantic fund to study the possibilities of expanding micromobility by partnering with academics in the UK and US. Launched through its e-scooter company, Spin, the...


14th October 2020

Saving MaaS Post Pandemic

Disgust. It’s an instinct embedded in our genes since the Paleolithic Age, designed to keep us healthy by making us instinctively avoid contagion. In the age of this pandemic,...

By Susan Kuchinskas


5th August 2020

Ford Pledges Negative Carbon Emissions for Spin by 2025

Ford’s micro-mobility arm, Spin, promises to become carbon emissions negative in its operations by 2025. The pledge to eliminate more carbon than it produces entails changing the way Spin...


27th February 2020

Ford’s eScooter Service Expands into Europe

Ford’s e-scooter subsidiary, Spin, plans to expand into the burgeoning European market despite growing disquiet over this form of micro-mobility. The move comes hard on the heels of Montreal’s...


30th January 2019

Chariot Taught Ford a Multi-Million Dollar ‘Lesson’

Ford says it has learned a lesson about mobility solutions, albeit a $65M lesson being the cost of the collapse of its ill-fated Chariot acquisition. The urban ride-sharing scheme,...


Ford Acquires Electric Scooter Start-Up
14th November 2018

Ford Acquires Electric Scooter Start-Up

Ford has acquired a San Francisco electric scooter-sharing start-up. Spin, the start-up in question, positions itself as a provider of ‘first-mile’ and ‘last-mile’ transportation services “in 13 cities and campuses across...